101 in 1001

Starting April 4, 2013

1) Go to Summerfest (done June 29, 2013)
2) Go skinny dipping
3) Run a 5k (done 6/9/13 – Girls on the Run 5k)
4) Do The Color Run
5) Run a 10-k
6) Do a half-marathon (with the only exception being due to injury)
7) Leave the country
8) Go out west!
9) Go camping
10) Learn to drive stick
11) Learn to ski (or at least try it)
12) Go rafting
13) Treat myself to a sinfully delicious dessert at a restaurant
14) Sing karaoke
15) Get a massage
16) Take a train ride
17) Go on a road trip
18) Go without using my phone for a day/weekend
19) Sleep in an overnight train
20) Go on an overnight hiking trip
21) Rock climb
22) Spend time with an inspirational person
23) Take an art/pottery class
24) Floss everyday for a month (and do my best to follow that continually)
25) Go to one book club meeting (at least)
26) Go streaking/flashing (on a beach!)
27) Learn how to ice skate
28) Ride on Scott’s bike
29) Eat at one of the country’s best restaurants
30) Chew a whole pack of gum in one mouthful
31) Attend a ballet or live dance performance
32) Go to the orchestra (done 5/25/13 – MSO with parents and brother)
33) Fly a kite
34) Order a cheesecake and indulge!
35) Go to the spa
36) Run at least 5 races (1. 6/9/13 GOTR 5k)
37) Go to a painting wine bar
38) Do a mud run!
39) Decide on and get another tattoo
40) Host at least 5 dinner parties
41) Go to Door County (finally!)
42) Take a dance class
43) Go out clubbing/dancing with the hubster
44) Wear a sexy outfit I’d never normally wear out
45) Run out in the pouring rain and don’t get care about getting soaked!
46) Go out to eat at different ethnic restaurants
47) Go on a backpacking trip (even if it’s just for a weekend)
48) Plan a special day to spend with my mother in law
49) Visit a real winery/vineyard
50) Do at least 5 classes of bikram yoga before deciding if I like it or not
51) Go to a Packers game with Scott
52) Make my own hummus!
53) Go to a real rodeo (done 6/8/13 – Merrill, Wisconsin)
54) Ride a bull (real or mechanical!)
55) Take a spinning class (or an equivalent)
56) Milk a cow
57) Stay in a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere
58) Plan a trip with my parents
59) Start another scrapbook
60) Take more pictures of my daily life/make more use of my camera
61) Do the polar plunge
62) Tour all of the breweries in Milwaukee
63) Indulge/splurge and make a completely indulgent purchase
64) Run in public in just a sports bra and no t-shirt
65) Send a postcard to PostSecret
66) Make Irish Soda Bread (and perfect it!) from scratch
67) Bake a pie from scratch
68) No sugary snacks before bed for a week (or month!)
69) Volunteer at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen
70) Take at least 30 yoga classes (with as many different types as possible!)
71) Go to a drive-in theater 🙂
72) Reconnect with an old friend
73) Grow something edible
74) Buy coffee for a stranger
75) Write a letter of gratitude to my parents (individually, not jointly)
76) Go on a picnic
77) Go stargazing in the middle of nowhere and watch for shooting stars
78) 30 minutes for 30 days workout challenge
79) Finally go to Auntie Anne’s for a pretzel!
80) Tailgate at a Brewers game or other sporting event
81) Go on a ferry ride
82) Go geocaching
83) See the west coast!
84) Do bike trail from Waukesha to Madison (Glacial Drumlin Trail)
85) Swim in the ocean
86) Plan a surprise weekend for Scott
87) Have Chicago Deep Dish pizza in Chicago
88) Build a house out of legos
89) Get my passport
90) Go in a hot air balloon
91) Pick strawberries/apples
92) Make my own jelly or apple butter
93) Get family pictures done
94) Watch ten classic “must-see” movies
95) Get an intuitive eating book and read it and apply it in my life
96) Take a fencing class!
97) Make a list of things I am thankful for
98) Make a list of things that I like about myself
99) Go a day without using sugar free candy or mints to fight off hunger
100) Make a new 101 in 1001 list
101) Send flowers to someone ‘just because’


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