Curried Chicken Salad!

24 Feb

Well one thing I absolutely love about the weekends (and a positive to my hubby being sick) is having free time and not having a billion things planned.  So I can actually devote some time to cooking!  Yay!!  I used to always enjoy cooking and baking when I was still in school and had the summers free.  I’d always help my mom by preparing meals during the day while she worked.  But since growing up and having to be an “adult” with a full-time job and coming home in the evening, I don’t necessarily really have the desire to take time to cook dinner.  Usually we just grab something simple and easy.  All things considered, this recipe is definitely a quick recipe that could be made after work, but I wanted to make it today and have some at the ready for taking to work for lunch during the week.  I get sick of the same old stuff everyday.  So, that being said, I decided to make curried chicken salad.  I gathered the ingredients.


(not pictured: water, salt)

All the prep was super easy, too.  First step was to add the light mayo, curry, and water and whip it all up.


It almost looked like a cinnamon concoction! :)   Next was to chop chop chop the ingredients up.  I chopped up the apple, celery, and cooked chicken breasts.




I added all the chopped ingredients into the mixing bowl with the salt and raisins.  Then mixed it all up!


And voila!  It’s done!  All I did was put the finished product in a microwave save container, covered it, and put in the fridge to chill!  A delicious, healthy lunch for this week! :)

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