Learning Not to Settle for Less Than My Best

25 Mar

Today I was in the absolute WORST mood.  I was crabby, tired, and did not want to be at work today.  I had no motivation or desire to be there.  Then, on top of my horrible mood, my stomach was killing me for the majority of the day.  Making my mood even worse and my desire to work even less than it was.  I had every intention of going to the gym after work to run, since yesterday was an “off” day for running and I did the elliptical instead.  So today was a run day.  Well my mood and tiredness and irritability and stomach trouble was not ideal for going to the gym.  But, I knew that tomorrow my time after work was going to be really limited since I had an appointment in the evening and realistically going to the gym to run may not happen.  So I mustered up everything I had to get my bum to the gym.  

On the way there, I decided that I might just settle for the elliptical again.  I was really not feeling like a run was going to happen..and if I did start running I’d have to stop right away because my stomach and (I forgot to mention) my right calf was feeling a bit tight.  It took me up to the very last minute, after changing into my workout clothes, to decide what I was going to do…run or not run.

Well, I decided to give it a go.  Run, it was.  I started off and decided that if I even did two miles I’d be a happy camper after the day I was having and feeling blah.  Well, two miles came…and went.

Then, I decided that doing 3 would be awesome and if I couldn’t go any further, then I couldn’t.  No big deal.

Well 3 came and went too.  4?!  Really?  4 had been the max that I had been doing.  So four would have been just another normal run for me.  Well, 4 came.  AND WENT.  I was feeling like I could keep going.  And so I did.  I got to 4.5 miles and had to slow my pace down a bit, but decided I’d still keep going.  I initially was just cooling down, but then saw that I was getting close to 4.75 miles.  I still had fuel left in me…there was no way I was going to stop that close to 5 miles.  And so, I kept going.  FIVE MILES, BABY!  FIVE MILES!  After feeling terrible all day long, being in the worst mood, feeling icky, assuming I’d never even make it to a mile…and here I just did FIVE!  Heck yes!!

I was seriously the proudest person in that gym, I bet on it.  I was so close to not going to the gym, so close to not running.  I am SO glad I didn’t quit on myself or give in and give up.  Here’s to believing in yourself, pushing yourself, and not settling for less than your best.

And now, I feel so much happier, so much more energetic and I’m feeling pretty dang good about myself! 😀  I couldn’t wait to get home and plug my Nike Plus in the computer and get this data loaded!  FIVE! 😀Image

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