Busy Day (off work!)

30 Mar

Well I was really looking forward to today.  Because of Good Friday, the hubster and I both had off today AND it is FINALLY feeling like spring up here in WI.  Finally!  And by spring…I mean 50 and sunny.  But hey, us Wisconsinites will take it!

So a day off.  Oh so much I wanted to do!  Hitting the gym was on the list and I knew the hubster would be right there with me.  Did some oh-so-fun laundry in the morning, woke up lazily with some coffee, and then hit the gym just after noon.  Did a good 4 mile run and knew that was my limit today.  But I pounded out another 1.25 miles walking and had a nice hour long workout today.  I felt good about it.

We went home, freshened up a bit, had a bite to eat and then headed off for the rest of our day!  First stop, Performance Running Outfitters.  We wanted to look at some different options for belts/water holders for when we start getting up in our distance/time for our half-marathon prep.  Didn’t settle on anything, but got an idea of what we’re looking for when the time gets closer.  We went to Durham Discount Sports and looked around a bit there too.  Found a few different options for tracking our mileage and calories burned, etc.  We’re going to do a little looking around and reading up a bit on the different types.  We’re not sure what is the best or will be the best for what we’re looking for.  Garmin is on the list…Polar is in the least as far as brands are concerned.  Just not sure what the pros and cons are.  So, time for some research.

We hit Half Price Books and then made our way down to Lake Michigan.  It was little cooler right by the lake (right around 40) but with the sun shining and reflecting off the lake as we walked near the water, it felt pretty dang good.  Super relaxing and enjoyable.  We took a nice walk and then headed to Whole Foods.  We got some tasty purchases and then made our way home.

All in all, it was a really busy day but really enjoyable and really productive.  I felt like we did a lot, yet still made it a fun day! 😀


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2 responses to “Busy Day (off work!)

  1. Shaz

    March 30, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    I recommend Garmin but am sure Polar equally as good. I have replied to your comment on my blog! Am sure you could find some comparison reviews on the web between both makes, good luck


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