Their Love and My Love for Them

17 May

Today is a holiday in the Faust Family.  My parents are celebrating their 31st anniversary today, May 16th.  31 years.  That alone is something remarkable.  With divorce rates so high, couples are ending marriages on a regular basis.  Yet my parents have been going strong for 31 years.

My parents are two special people.  I truly feel as if I have been blessed with a rare and special gift.  Every day I am thankful that I have a strong and close relationship with both of my parents.  I really am so fortunate.  There are things that I have grown to really respect, admire and truly appreciate about my mom and dad. 

When I was younger and my dad was working full-time, I remember he was “all business”.  He was a very serious man.  He took his responsibility as head of the family seriously and at times he wasn’t the most approachable.  But, in retrospect, I can see that a lot of that perceived seriousness was stress-induced.  My dad is a very hard-working individual and I remember often times he’d come home from work just completely and utterly drained from the day.  Yet, everyday at 5:50pm, I remember waiting for him to get home from work.  I remember looking out the window and waiting to see his car come around the corner and turn onto our street.  I remember being happy he was home, waiting until he changed out of his “grown up” clothes, and we’d all sit down together for dinner as a family.  Dad was always the go-to guy for homework questions or to guide my brother and I in financial planning.  I thank him 100x over for teaching my brother and I the importance of saving money and starting young with investing money and getting a job.  The knowledge and insight he provided, I am forever grateful for.  After my dad retired, he became a completely different person.  He was SO much more relaxed, calm, and funny!  He was a pleasure to be around and completely and entirely approachable.  I am so glad that he has been able to enjoy his retirement and relax and just enjoy his life now.  I love him so very much and am thankful for every moment I have with him and for how we get closer and closer as time goes by.


My mom is a strong, beautiful, hard-working woman.  I admire so much about her.  She is the most kind-hearted person I know.  She would do anything for her family; sacrificing her comforts and needs for that of her family with no questions asked.  I have such fond memories of my childhood and spending time with her.  We often cooked and baked together, went for walks to the park, went on picnics in summer.  She taught me so much about being a strong woman, about being a wife.  I truly consider her to be a close friend.  I know I can talk to her about anything and everything and am forever thankful to have her there always cheering me on and believing in me even when I doubt myself.


These two have always been my support system.  Through the highs and lows in my life, through the good times and bad, they have always been the one constant.  They are my biggest fans, always believing in me and my abilities, always lifting my spirits when I’m low.  I can’t begin to properly express how much my parents mean to me and how thankful I am to have them in my life.  They are such a treasured, cherished gift.

I appreciate them for standing by me, especially so through my ED, when I became someone other than the daughter they always loved and knew…when I became this stranger to them.  They never once wavered in their love and support.  They did everything they could to encourage me and strengthen me, always right by my side.  I am thankful for everything they have done for me and am so thankful that they have been able to spend 31 years of their lives together.

My mom said it well in the words she posted this morning on her facebook:

Happy Anniversary to my husband Greg! It was 31 years ago today that my life began. Thank you & thank you to your mom & dad for welcoming me & showing me what a real family can be. You have always been my best friend who has been my strength & support. Thank you, too, for the gifts of our two beautiful children…of whom I am so proud. These truly have been the best years of my life!”

I love them both so much, forever and always!



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