Time for Me

26 May

I have been given an opportunity to spend a considerable amount of my time on my own, able to do my own thing, come and go as I please, to do what I want when I want.  This may sound like a normal way of being, but up until this week, my circumstances were different.  Now, things have changed.  Now I have “me” time.

I’ve been enjoying coming home from work and getting right into yoga (yes, for now I just do it at home, but that will change soon!).  I try and do either a half hour or an hour each day, if I can.  It has been truly a highlight of my days.  It helps set the pace for the rest of my evening, calming me and relaxing me…I’m always left feeling so good afterward!


I’ve been enjoying tidying up my apartment.  I’ve had the weekend to clean clean clean and I absolutely loved having some time to do that!  Yesterday, I scrubbed the kitchen floor and both bathroom floors and vacuumed the whole place.  Today, I tackled dusting everything and cleaning all the glass in the place.  It looks AMAZING.  A clean home is a refreshing, good feeling.  🙂

Friday evening I had a nice night in.  I snuggled up on the couch with Dexter and watched an amazing movie I never heard of before, but absolutely LOVED.  Sooo good.  And it hit a bit close to home, too.  I ended up crying at a few points (which would never had happened normally…I really don’t cry during movies, especially a more “chick-flick” type of a movie!) but I thought it was really good!


Saturday evening my brother and I took our parents out to celebrate their anniversary (which was May 16th) but our gift to them was to take them to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and we got tickets for the show for last night, since that particular show was one that interested us.  It was such a fun night!  My family is so crazy when we’re together.  The show was at 8 and lasted til about ten and my parents couldn’t have been happier with the gift we got for them!  They were SO impressed!  It was a really amazing show!  Totally awesome.



This morning I met a good friend for coffee down in Milwaukee.  We went to Alterra and nestled ourselves in the little nook in the back on the comfiest couch EVER!  It was so good meeting up with her and catching up a bit.  We hadn’t gotten together in SO long so it was well overdue!


We headed across the street to Indulgence Chocolatiers afterward, where she works.  She had to start working soon but she decided to show me the place before she had to open.  (Bonus, I got a free dark chocolate peanut butter cup truffle! Amazing!)  I picked up some truffles for my parents, since they are coming over later today.


My friend and I were talking about my new-found love of yoga and she told me that she used to do yoga all the time but hadn’t for a while.  I told her about my first class this week doing bikram and she said she LOVES bikram.  So after this first class I have she and I are going to be bikram-buddies and go to classes together, looks like on Sundays since we both usually have off that day.  So yay!  I’m super excited about that! 

I feel like things have been going well right now for me.  Yes, I am facing a huge transition right now in my life, but I’m making the most of it…finding the silver lining.  I view this time as a time for self-discovery and “me” time.  Turns out, I’m not such a bad person to be around. 🙂

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