My First Quarter Marathon (Well, Kinda…)

17 Jun


Well this morning, bright (well, er…not so much) and early was the Rock ‘n Sole Run down in Milwaukee.  The hubster and I both signed up for the Quarter Marathon months ago.  I was in a pretty good place in recovery at that point and had envisioned that that trend would continue and I’d be able to train for the race over the months between signing up and the run.  Well, surprise, surprise, I had another “hiccup” in recovery and had to put off running a couple months ago.  So, since I’ve only started running again in the last week, needless to say, conquering approximately 6.6 miles was just not going to happen for me.  But, the hubster was able to do his training and running appropriately and was all set to go for the race! 

Unfortunately for him, he’s an evening runner and had never really done morning runs before, so having the 1/4 Marathon at 7 am was something he was really not too happy about.  Waking up at 5:30 on a Saturday was not his cup of tea.  On top of that, they were predicting rain.  And waking up Saturday morning did not disappoint, as it was pouring when I crawled out of bed at 5 am.  I totally didn’t plan ahead or even think to get a raincoat/poncho.   I wore a heavier winter jacket that was rain/snow proof.  You would’ve thought that a race on June 15th would mean I’d be SO HOT in a winter coat…but it was in the 50s, rainy and damp, so I was actually pretty happy to have that coat.


Scott didn’t have anything real water-proof either, so we made a little quick stop at Walmart on the way to find some rain gear. Scott picked up his “pre-race fuel” at Walmart…nothing like a honeybun with coffee to get ready for a run! 😀  He looks soooo sweepy!


So on we went, to get down to the lake to try and find parking and get him to the start line in time!!  We got down there and followed the MASS CROWDS of people.  Sooo many people!!!  We got there just in time for him to get ready to go!  After his pre-race fuel he was looking much more awake 😀


There were approximately 8,000 people running between the half-marathon, quarter-marathon and 5k!  WOW!  I was totally bummed out though because I had made two really awesome signs for Scott to cheer him on, but ended up leaving them in the car because of the rain 😦  And go figure, the rain started to lessen and stop shortly after the race started :/  Bummer!

The rain did not keep the spectators away either!  We were out there in full support!




We coordinated him handing off his raincoat to me (good thing he kept his phone for his music!) it was a pretty swift exchange!  I was so excited to see him hitting pavement!  Totally awesome! 😀


There were waves after waves after waves!  It was so crazy!  The half and quarter marathoners took off first at 7 am and then the 5kers took off around 7:30.  There were so many people!  I didn’t know until after the fact that the count was around 8,000 total!!!


Ditching more layers!  He caught me off guard because I was looking for a guy in a brown and white shirt!  But couldn’t miss that huge smile!  😀 Looking good, running strong, especially after conquering the Hoan Bridge (yep, they ran that bridge in the background!) Oy!


YAY!!!  All done!  I seriously COULD NOT HAVE BEEN PROUDER!  I was so happy for him!! 😀


All in all, it ended up being a most wonderful, rainy, dreary, early morning Quarter Marathon event!  I was so glad I was there to support him and cheer him on!  It is definitely motivation for me to work towards a race like that at some point in the future!  When I got home, I felt so motivated and inspired by all the runners, that I just had to go for a run myself.  And it was my best yet!  I just need to keep pushing forward and maybe next year I’ll be able to participate in the Rock ‘n Sole Run myself!!!


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2 responses to “My First Quarter Marathon (Well, Kinda…)

  1. thegoodfoodtheory

    June 17, 2013 at 6:29 am

    Early morning race…and in the rain! Good job 🙂 Good job to the early rising cheer squad too 😉

    • Little Miss Fit

      June 17, 2013 at 11:43 am

      Thanks! It was actually a lot of fun looking back 😀


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