Summery Weekend!

17 Jun

Well after the rainy start to the weekend on Saturday, the weather really started improving by about Saturday afternoon!  The clouds cleared up and the sun came out!  After my nice run on getting home from the Rock ‘n Sole Run, I did yoga.  I felt so good after!  I was in the best mood and then with the sun shining, it was perfect!  In the afternoon, the hubster and I met up and decided to do something outside, yet something more relaxing and not too physical since he was pretty worn out after waking up early and completing his quarter marathon.  So we decided to go down to Pewaukee Lake for a while and just walk around a bit!

On the way there, we took a few back roads and just paved our own way there…it was kind of a fun adventure!  We took roads we’d never been on before and ended up finding some really neat places!  We finally got to Pewaukee Lake and it was perfect! 


The water was so clear, the sky so blue, and the weather was so perfect!  Other people must have had the same idea, because the little beach they had filled up fast and lots of people were out fishing and boating!  We took a stroll through a neighborhood that bordered the lake and checked out all the neat homes and lake views.  It was so enjoyable.  After our little stroll, we headed out and took some winding roads around the lake and came to a patch of land that was for sale on the top of a huge hill.  We decided to pull in and see if we could get any nice views of the lake.  Sure enough, the view was perfect!


Yeah, that would not be a bad view to have from your home, that’s for sure!  We later went to Cracker Barrel for dinner (since we were both craving it!) and then redbox-ed Argo and watched it with his mom that evening.  It was such a wonderful day all the way around.

Sunday was even better!  Upon waking up the sun was already shining so bright and I could already feel the warmth in the air.  It was going to be a nice and toasty day, finally feeling like summertime!  I did yoga right away on waking up, hunkered down with a cup of coffee and caught up on some blogs a bit, and then video-chatted with my best friend out in NYC!  Afterward I did my grocery shopping, then met up with the hubster and his mom to go to Polish Fest.  The hubster and I scored free tickets to Polish Fest down at the lakefront as part of our registration packet for the Rock ‘n Sole Run (in addition to a free ticket to Summerfest, too!) so we decided we’d head down there and make the most of our gorgeous weather!


Of course we could NOT pass this up!  Lookin mighty fine and mighty Polish 😀


Gorgeous weather and gorgeous views along the waterfront! 


We roamed around a bit, checking out the different shops and cultural displays they had. 


We continued roaming around a bit and then I finally found what I had been searching for!  THE KETTLE KORN STAND!!!!!  😀 I snagged myself a HUGE bag of kettle korn (This is always, always a must-have whenever I go to an event like this!  Nothing beats fresh kettle korn straight out of a REAL KETTLE!)  Then it was time to find some real, traditional Polish eats!  We settled on the Polish Sampler Plate which consisted of a kielbasa sausage, potato pancakes (with applesauce), pierogis, saurkraut and stuffed cabbage!


Honestly, it looked none-too-tasty haha.  Admittedly it really wasn’t my favorite.  I think I liked the saurkraut and the potato pancakes the best.  But at least I tried a bite of everything and had some real, authentic Polish food!

We made our way home after munching and then the hubster and I shot bb guns at soda cans for a while. 🙂  The hubster had just found his bb gun this past week and was wanting to take it out and use it again.  I thought it’d be fun, too.  It was just nice to soak in as much sunshine and summery weather as possible!  What a wonderful weekend!!!


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2 responses to “Summery Weekend!

  1. My Crazy NY Post-Grad Life

    June 18, 2013 at 2:00 am

    KETTLE KORN! (no more words necessary)

    <3, Charlotte

    • Little Miss Fit

      June 18, 2013 at 2:01 am

      Hahahaha, I’m glad there’s someone just as in love with it as me! 😀


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