Change Your Focus

20 Jun


When you looked at that picture, what is it you saw?  What is it that caught your eye, drew you in?  What was the one thing you kept your focus on, no matter how hard you tried to look away?  It wasn’t the whiteness of the picture, was it?  No, it most likely was the one, tiny, miniscule black dot in the middle of the white.  Why is it that our focus is so drawn to that one, tiny, little black spot, when there is so much white all around it?  Similarly, why is it that we tend to focus on all of our minor flaws and imperfections, instead of embracing and celebrating the whole person that we are, all of the good things about ourselves?

Most often than not, we can all be very critical of ourselves.  We tend to pick out all of the things we don’t do right, all of the characteristics we don’t like about ourselves, all of the things about our bodies we should change, or the way we should improve our diet, or the way we should change the way or the amount that we exercise.  Ask anyone else to pinpoint our negatives, and the majority will never even see the faults that we do in ourselves.  So why is it that we are so hard on ourselves?  I think the main reason is we lose focus of what is really important.  Also, I think we view it with the mindset that we want to be the best ‘us’ that we can be, and will work to change all of the things that could be improved.  But at what cost?

We get our minds so focused on pointing out all of our little flaws, all of the things about ourselves that “need just a little improvement” and before you know it, that’s all we focus on…that’s where all of our attention goes.  Soon enough, all of the negatives slowly start to crowd out the positives.  Then our view of ourselves starts to change.  We critique ourselves more and more, slowly but surely building an unhealthy view of ourselves and a decrease in our self-worth.

I think we all need to stop and shift our focus on to the things about ourselves that are good, that we actually really love as they are…without having to change anything.  I think we need to start to accept our flaws and realize that it’s okay to have them.  We all have them; every single one of us.  But the moment we let our focus be consumed with all the negative things we don’t like about ourselves, is the moment we start diminishing our worth…and that is a dangerous, slippery slope to arrive at.  So think about it, think about all of the good, wonderful, beautiful things about yourself and start to really see those things.  Let the positives crowd out the negatives.  Refocus.  Instead of seeing that one, tiny black dot, choose to see the white; choose to see the good within yourself.


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