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22 Jun

Lately I’ve been pretty excited about some things in my life, so I thought I’d share some of the good stuff going on that’s been happening, via pictures!  On the way home from work, I often pass a little flower stand, just a man (and sometimes his wife) on the side of the road, selling flowers out of the back of their van.  They are there usually every summer.  So often it catches my eye and I think that I should stop sometime and get some.  Well, this Wednesday on the way home from work, I FINALLY decided to stop!  My mom had been having a pretty rough week, with things going on and not feeling well, etc., so I decided it would be the PERFECT pick-me-up for her!


Sooo pretty!  I love calla lilies!  😀  I stopped by on my way home to drop them off for my mom and she was SO happy and SO thankful to me for thinking of her and getting her something to cheer her up!  I was so happy that she enjoyed them as much as she did!  (She literally emailed me later that evening and said it was the highlight of her whole week, and even two days later she mentioned it in an email to me, so it definitely had the desired effect!)

This week, in talking to the hubster who recently purchased a Garmin Forerunner 10, and who highly praised it, I decided to get one myself!  We put in the order and it should be here by early next week!  It really was a much harder decision than it should have been to decide what color I wanted!  The hubster got the orange one for men and my choice narrowed down to pink, purple, or the lime green!


After much deliberation I finally decided on…..(drum roll, please)….the purple!  I think it was a good pick 😉

Friday at work was ‘Brewers Casual Day’.  We got to wear Brewers gear and jeans to work since it was our company tailgate party and outing to the game that evening!  Each year we do a tailgate party and Brewers game.  The employees get to invite guests, too, which is always fun!  Each of the three years since I’ve started there, I’ve gone.  It’s always a fun time!  I was a little nervous because it was storming pretty much all morning and afternoon long.  I knew we’d still have a fun time if it was raining/storming, but it’s just not the same.  Fortunately, the rain stopped by about 3 and it didn’t end up coming back until the game was over and we were back at the office!  We got SUPER lucky!  The Brewers ended up winning!!  😀


We crazzzzzyyy!  😛

We take a big, ole bus down to the stadium and always pile in plenty of drinks and goodies for the ride back.  The hubster grabbed himself a Capri Sun (and was VERY excited about it….maybe a little too much?!?)


Haha…oh dear.  Well when we got back to the office, it was just starting to rain a bit.  The sky was filled with lightning non stop, so I knew a storm was close by!  YES!  I love, love, love storms at night!  🙂  And it did not disappoint!!

Upon waking up this morning, I had intended to get a run in nice and early, before it got real hot for the day.  It has been SUPER humid here lately and they were predicting temperatures to climb well into the 80s today.  So I wanted to get a run in before the main heat of the day came.  I woke up around 6:30 am and noticed it was really raining hard then.  I got a little sad, but thought maybe it would clear up later in the morning, at least.  I fell back asleep for a couple hours and then when I woke up around 8:30 the rain was all done!  Yay!! 😀  So, I took it to the streets!!

I got a nice run in.  I felt really refreshed and strong today.  I’m not sure if it was because I hadn’t run for two days, so my legs were strong and rested, or if it was because I got a good nights rest, or because I usually run in the evenings after a long day of work and this time did it early.  Maybe it was a combination of all those things!?  Either way, it felt good to be out there again!  I’m really loving the approach I have this time around.  Not running everyday, not pushing myself past my limits.  I’m respecting the fact that my body needs to rest and that I need to listen to my body when it tells me it’s had enough instead of forcing it to keep going.  I ran three days this week.  That felt good to me.  I did yoga on the days I didn’t run or did nothing (i.e. yesterday)  I’m liking the balance.  It’s working for me.

When I got home, I was a hot mess.  Though it was cool it was so humid so I was really feeling it!  I cooled down a bit in front of the fan and my silly cat started licking the sweat off of my face/head.  Eww.  But I got a picture of him attacking my head (sorry, I’m totally gross and sweaty in this one!)


After my run, I was a busy, busy gal.  I quickly browsed online for some furniture, (i.e. looking on craigslist for dressers and a couch) then showered up!  Yep, I did it, a shameless selfie in the bathroom mirror!


Then, I was off!  I went to the library to retrieve something the hubster accidentally left in his book that he finished and returned to the library Thursday night.  Luckily they had it!  From the library, I went to get my hair snip snipped.  I stopped at Sendiks after (a nice grocery store in the local area) and picked up some exciting goodies!


This stuff is SERIOUSLY MY OBSESSION.  I can’t get enough!  I, for some reason, find the idea of the raisins being in the jar of peanut butter a “pleasant little surprise” and find myself digging them out as quickly as I can! Yum!  If you haven’t tried this, I highly recommend it!  Plus, this is another exciting thing since I never really liked all-natural peanut butter, and this is now my favorite thing!  Awesomeness in a jar! 😀


I have heard so many people say how delicious dates are (and how ah-mazing they are paired with peanut butter!) that I just had to grab some to give it a go!  I can’t wait to try it!


SUSHI!  Yes, yes, yes!  I love sushi.  This just was too good to pass up on!  Spicy shrimp spring roll bites!  As you can see, I had to take a piece post-haste before I even snagged a pic!  Delicious 🙂


I kid you not, they had seriously like 100 different flavors, brands, and types of hummus!  I honestly think I took about ten minutes looking at the different kinds!  I fell in love, like a deep-all-consuming, fully-devoted sort of love for the Roasted Red Pepper hummus.  Nothing could compete.  But I decided it was time for me to try and branch out a bit, and see other people hummus.  So, this one really caught my eye.  I had never tried black bean hummus before and this just sounded really tasty!

I opened it just a little bit ago and was pleasantly surprised!  It is very different, but this flavor is really, really good!  I think I found something a little different that I really enjoy.  I would definitely buy it again.

From Sendiks, I came home and dropped off my goodies and then went to World Market.  I seriously didn’t even go in there with the intention of finding or buying anything for myself.  A co-worker was looking for a certain type of beer and I remember World Market having a lot of unique types/brands there, so I thought I’d check it out.  I didn’t find what he wanted, BUT…this bottle caught my eye…


First of all, it was a pink bottle which alone captured my eye.  Then the funky design drew me in even more.  When I saw the name ‘Voodoo Doughnut’ I was like whaaaaa?!?  Upon further inspection I was sooo intrigued!  Chocolate, peanut butter & banana ale?!?  This just sounded like it had such a potential to be ah-mazing that I couldn’t pass it up!  World Market, thank you for always having something completely off-beat and interesting for me to try!  This is going to be so exciting…I can’t wait to try it!

I also stumbled across this…


This was exciting for SO MANY reasons!  First of all, it’s S’more flavored pancake & ice cream syrup!?!  What is NOT to love about that!  This is extra exciting for me, since I absolutely hate maple syrup and will usually always have just fruit topping or peanut butter.  Don’t get me wrong, I love those toppings.  But this just sounded so indulgent and fun!  I couldn’t pass it up!  I was pretty proud of myself for limiting myself to just two things there.  There were so many other things I could have bought.  I think maybe I’ll try going there at least once a month and treating myself to some different, interesting goodies there.  I like that idea 🙂

From World Market, I trekked over to Michael’s.  I wanted to get some scrapbooking goodies since I decided I was going to start a surprise project for the hubster and make a scrapbook to keep track of all his races that he does!  When I start doing my own races, I will do one for myself, too!  I thought it would be a fun way to remember all of the ones that he does.  I was a bit disappointed by the selection of running themed things they had, I ended up just finding this little sticker pack…


After Michael’s, I stopped at Kohl’s to return a top (that I accidentally bought two of! haha, oh Elise!) and a pair of shoes that I loved but just were not working for my feet.  Then I stopped at Target to look to see if they had any dressers there at all, which they did, for pretty cheap.  I think I’ll stop back there later with the hubster to check them out.  They also had some pretty inexpensive area rugs, which we were also interested in getting too. 

After my crazy, busy day, I finally made my way home and did a half-an-hour of yoga.  Two days ago, I finally conquered this pose:


The low lunge, with the back knee off of the ground (which I don’t think is pictured).  The pose starts with the back knee resting on the ground, hands rested on the front knee, pushing back.  Then the instructor says to lift the back knee off of the floor.  This alone was really hard for me for a longgg time.  She instructs that you can either stay there, or try lifting your arms up above your head.  Well, I tried that once and it did NOT work.  My legs were shaking way, way, way too much.  So I was content keeping my hands on my knee.  Well two days ago, however, I decided it was time for me to give it a shot again.  And….I did it!  And I did it again today!  😀  My legs are definitely getting a lot stronger and more muscular, which I love!  Go me!

After all that and I’m still not even that worn out yet!  AND I didn’t even have coffee this morning!  A first for me in….forever?!  I had a little bit of diet coke, but other than that, I’m just running purely off a good night’s rest, I guess!  Pretty awesome, if you ask me. 

Now I’m just catching up on some bloggin’ and doing a bit more furniture shopping!  I’m not sure what the rest of my plans are for the evening yet, but I’m sure I’ll post about the rest of my weekend later on!  Hope all of you are having a great start to your weekend!

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