I Love Weekends (even bad ones!)

30 Jun

I was so ready for a nice weekend after working all week.  The weather all week had been rainy, gloomy, and cloudy for the majority of it.  Granted, we did have periods of sunshine in a few days during the week, but it seemed like the rain and storms crowded out the sun.  Friday night was a nice relaxing night in.  I had my brother and one of my best friends over for a movie night, which was just perfect.  We watched…


It was really, really different…but I actually really enjoyed it!

Waking up Saturday morning felt like it would be a repeat of the week.  It was cloudy and gloomy, looking like it could start raining at any moment.  I had wanted to go for a run, to test out my new purchase which I just got in the mail this week.  My Garmin Forerunner 10!


I love running in the morning and really wanted to wake up and run right away.  But I was worried a bit about the weather (again!).  I checked the radar to see if rain was in the area…there was some surrounding our area…but none too close.  So, I thought I’d go for it and give it a go!  I’m so glad I did!  The morning was still cool since it was cloudy and I felt really strong running!  I ran a 5ker, and felt good about that.  I did it in about 30:43, which for me was good.  I’d love to get under 30 minutes…and if I keep at it, I think that is a realistic goal.  I had fun hooking up to Garmin Connect and checking out all my run stats and info.  I’m definitely loving my Garmin 😀

After my morning run, I felt pretty energized.  I had some cleaning I wanted to do, so I killed that off…cleaning my bathroom, kitchen, and the fridge.  I felt really productive and everything looked sooo nice and clean!  I love that feeling.

I ran some errands, including the best part of my errand running, getting sushi for lunch!  We have a local grocery store that has a really nice sushi bar.  They make the sushi fresh daily and have such a huge selection.  So I picked up a couple different types! 


Yep, $5 sushi on Wednesdays!  I was informed of this by the cashier and I was overjoyed!  😀 Looks like Wednesdays will be a sushi night for me!  Yay!

After lunch, I stopped over by my parents for a bit to visit, came home and did some yoga, and then just relaxed a bit.  We had made plans to go with some friends to Summerfest later that night to go see Imagine Dragons.    Summerfest is like the largest music fest in the area, based out of Milwaukee, and they do it annually.  Now, I have lived in Wisconsin, about 15 miles outside of Milwaukee my whole life…and I have never been to Summerfest!  Crazy, I know, right?!  So this was going to be my first time going!  (Also, a check off for one of my 101 in 1001!)

The hubster and I met up with our friends, then made our way down to Milwaukee.  We had a little “friend” in the backseat with us…


Um, I didn’t ask why this little guy (Yoda) was buckled into the backseat, but I do know the guy is a huge Star Wars fan…so I guess it’s self explanatory?!  I actually thought it was really funny, in a good way.  The guy is 20 and has this buckled into his car.  Love it.


Of course we had to take a picture with our new friend.  😀  Too funny!

We got down there and it was literally chaos.  I would like to say that I had a good time, but overall it was just not a good experience.  It was SO busy, everyone was SO rude.  The majority of the crowd was comprised of young people (20s and younger) and it literally seemed like everyone was drunk.  We got to the stage where Imagine Dragons was set to play about an hour early and it just continued to get worse as it got closer to the concert.  It really was just not my scene.  The hubster and I eventually decided we had enough of being slammed into other people, being pushed past, elbowed in the face, and stepped on, that we told our friends we were going to pull back a bit and get out of the crowd.  We literally only stepped back about 10 yards, and it was way better.  Less people, less chaos.  And I could actually see the stage better at that location than at the place we were at before.  My question is why does everyone feel the need to push ahead to get “closer” when they realistically won’t be able to see any better anyways?

The show started and we couldn’t hear anything.  We were close enough to the stage to be able to hear it, but there was another stage super close by which was REALLY loud and that was all we could hear.  So, we decided to get away from all the people.  (and all the vomit…I can’t tell you how many people we saw throwing up or how much vomit we saw on the ground)  It was disgusting.  We went as close to the perimeter of the grounds of the fest as we could, just to get some breathing room.  There were just SO MANY PEOPLE.  I later found out that apparently the fest was nearing maximum capacity, so I guess it makes sense.  (

The hubster and I couldn’t have been more out of place.  We both agreed that we would have much rather been having a bonfire (since it was a bit chilly out), with a bottle of wine, snuggled up under a blanket and looking up at the stars.  I love that we are alike in that way.  We walked around a bit and ended up finding a much smaller stage with a band playing.  The crowds were a lot less wild and it was just a way better setting.  So we stayed there for a while and listened to them.  They were actually really good.  They were called Cracker.  I had never heard of them before…but they were really good!  We ended up in the mood to actually smile again by this point 🙂


We headed out around 11:30, meeting our friends outside the gates.  And then things just kept being crazy.  We got to our car with no trouble, in the parking structure.  And again, mass chaos to try and leave the place.  We literally moved about a 0.05 of a mile in a period of an hour.  Then, to make matters worse…we had to contend with all of the drunk idiots who decided they would try and cut in front of us after they just got to their car, while we were waiting for over an hour.  Oh, and did I mention that everyone thought blasting their horns non-stop would be a great solution to the problem!  Nothing like sitting at a stand still and blasting your horn to really make the situation better!  Ugh, we finally got out of there by about 1:15.  Almost two hours in the parking structure.  What a total nightmare!

I was so, SO glad to finally get home!  Lesson learned…Summerfest just is NOT your scene, Elise.

I got about 5.5-6 hours sleep last night, but just couldn’t sleep longer.  It was too bright and sunny and breezy, which made the shades hit the window and kept me distracted.  So, I got my toosh up.  And decided I’d go for a run.  The sun was shining and it felt like a beautiful morning out there!  I did another 5ker and almost got it in 30 minutes!  30:04!  Close! 

Now, just having a mellow rest of the day.  Doing some blogging, heading to the grocery store in just a little bit, then dinner at my parents later this evening.  Granted, it wasn’t the best weekend, but overall, it wasn’t bad either.  I got to spend time with myself, going for some nice runs, cleaning the apartment.  I got to spend time with some people I love, my family and a good friend.  I got some “quality” (haha, no I kid) time with the hubster.  All in all, pretty decent.  🙂


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2 responses to “I Love Weekends (even bad ones!)

  1. projectlighttolife

    July 1, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Hey! I nominated you for The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. Congratulations! Even if you don’t pass it on, I hope the nomination brought a smile to your face 🙂


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