What a (Four-Day) Weekend! (Part One)

07 Jul

This four day weekend was a complete whirlwind!  I was so busy and did so much that it just seemed to pass by so too quickly!  We honestly could not have had any better weather here in Wisconsin…at least where I live.  We had rain-free, mostly sunny weather the whole four day weekend!  Usually it always seems like weekends are the days when the rain comes, and during the week is when the sunny weather is.  But this time, it seems to be just as it should be, with the weather perfect for these four days, and then rain/storms to start tonight and into the beginning of the week!  Score! 😀

Thursday got off to a great start.  I slept about 7 hours that night before and still managed to be up pretty early the next morning before the heat of the day really set in.  I decided to go out and get my run in right away.  I managed a 2 mile run and 1.5 mile walk.  I was feeling pretty sluggish, so I was glad with what I did!  I came home, freshened up a bit and was feeling pretty good! 😀


I ran some errands and then I met up with the hubster and a mutual friend of ours at his mom’s place where we were planning on grilling out for lunch!


What’d I say about amazing weather?!  Seriously, it couldn’t have been better!



We had a little bit of everything.  Brats, hot dogs, and my idea of grilled portabella mushrooms (topped with hummus and cruncy salad toppings).  We also had corn on the cob, salad, and coleslaw.  A perfect lunch!  Afterward, our friend headed out and the hubster and I decided to go for a bike ride!  Sadly, this was our first one for the season.  :/  We like biking, but it just seems like we never have, or make, the time to go.  So we were both really excited to finally get out there again.



We biked about 9 miles or so.  It was a really nice time.  Along our bike path, we passed a park where they had frolf, or disc golf.  So once we got back home, we decided we’d go and check it out!  We found a frisbee and then went a played a few holes.  The course was pretty hard to navigate, so we didn’t stick around long.  We rode there in style, though….


A work in progress….the hubster is restoring an old Bronco.  He loves taking this thing out, and I’m happy to join him 😀  When we got back home we just relaxed a bit, reading outside in the sunshine.  Then we spent the evening watching a movie with his mom.  It was a wonderful day!

Friday morning started off great for me, again!  I slept eight hours that night and was feeling so refreshed.  Again, I got a nice 4 mile walk in before the heat of the day came.  It was great.  Already getting hot though, so I knew the day was going to be pretty toasty!  After my walk, I came back and freshened up and then met up with a friend for a nice, refreshing iced coffee 🙂  I came back home and met up with the hubster.  I snuck in a little snuggle time with Dexter, too!


That evening we were set to go to the Brewers game with a co-worker of the hubster and about 10-12 of his friends.  We met up with them in the afternoon and tailgated!  It was my first official time tailgating (and also another check-off for my 101 in 1001!)  🙂  It was a really fun time!  We played bean bag toss and flip cup…my first time playing both!



I was actually really glad that we started flip cup late, once the game had already started, and the police were coming by to tell all of the tailgators to head inside to the game.  I am first of all not a big drinker…and second of all, not a big pound-as-much-beer-down-as-fast-as-you-can type of gal.  But at least I can say I tried it!  We did two rounds, and our team won both times 😀  We made our way in to the game then.



We had a really great time!  Although everyone was pretty much a stranger to me, they were so much fun and we all got along really well!

Part one done…

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