Scenes from the Weekend : A Destination Wedding

17 Jul

This weekend was such a fun, whirlwind!  Friday after work, I came home to pack and get some last minute errands done before our trip for the weekend.  Saturday morning, I was up by 6:30, getting ready to go.  We left for the airport just before 8 am, for our 10 am flight.  We were flying from Milwaukee to Atlanta and Atlanta to Miami.  Image

We got through security with no hitches since the airport was actually pretty quiet.  We always love this sign.  The recombobulation area.  Hehe.  It sounds so funny.  😛


We ended up getting through security with time to spare…so we plopped ourselves down and read for a while.  We usually always bring books to read or a crossword puzzle book (since we love doing crossword puzzles together!)  We are dorks, but we love it.

Our flight to Atlanta was smooth sailing.  Our next flight was just about an hour away, so we didn’t have much time to work with.  The hubster is a die hard fan of Chick-fil-A and they had one at the concourse past the one we needed.  Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to go to the next concourse, so he had to settle for getting a burrito at a mexican place.  He was sad, but made do with what he could get.  (He doesn’t look too unhappy about it to me, hehe)  Image

Our flight from Atlanta to Miami was lengthened just a bit due to some stormy weather, but we landed just a little bit past our scheduled time.  We had just a couple hours until we were supposed to meet up with everyone from the wedding, the family and friends, for dinner.  So we took a taxi to our hotel, changed, and set out for dinner!  The hubster and I decided to walk there, since it was just shy of a mile away from our hotel.  Sa-weet!  Plus, it was mostly cloudy by this point, so walking there was actually pretty enjoyable (for me at least, since I was wearing a dress.  The hubster was a bit uncomfortable in a nice dress top and pants)  We arrived at Perricone’s.  We got there a bit before the rest of the group arrived, and got seated.  The place was really HUGE actually.  There was seating in one area, then we’d move down a flight of stairs and there was more seating…then they weaved us through another hallway with MORE seating and then we finally got to an enclosed patio of sorts where the private dining area was, where we were set to dine.


I was so excited by the menu…there were SO many things that looked tasty to me!  (Now I just want to go off on a brief little tangent about how I had set the goal to go on this trip and fully enjoy myself and not let ED thoughts hold me back from enjoying myself.  I wanted to go, have fun, and be normal.)  So this was my first real test.  I did not give in, but held my ground.  Our table ordered a few appetizers to share.  The brie (brie cheese baked in a puff pastry) with crackers and fresh fruit on the side.  We also had bruschetta and a mozzarella appetizer.  I tried every one of them and they were absolutely amazing!  We also got their house wine.  Now I could have chosen to pick something safe for dinner, but I decided I really wanted something that just sounded truly delicious to me.  So, I picked their Seafood Special which that night consisted of what I think was balsamic glazed seabass on a bed of spinach and couscous.  Oh.My.Goodness.  It was seriously amazing!  I have never had seabass before but it was the most tender fish ever!  At this point, I was feeling pretty full.  Yet, in short order they brought out there dessert menu.  Everything looked so good!  I knew we’d have a little time there yet, with all the catching up and picture taking that was going on.  So I asked the hubster if he was going to get a dessert.  He said he didn’t think so because he was so stuffed.  But, I, (YES I, ELISE) persuaded him to split a dessert with me!!!!!!  (GO ME!)  So we orderd the warm apple cobbler with vanilla gelato.  It was heavenly.  I was so satisfied with everything, I couldn’t have asked for a better night of eating.  Here we are with the bride and groom to be! (I had a nice spot on the lens of my camera, making a nice spot on my black dress :P)


After dinner and catching up a bit, the hubster and I just headed back to the hotel and sat outside by the pool for a while…just relaxing.  It was a really nice, relaxing evening…just what we both needed.

Sunday morning we got ourselves up nice and early and met up with the gents downstairs in the hotel, since the majority of the wedding party and family were staying in the same hotel.  Then we went our separate ways and got dressed for the wedding.  I was torn between two dresses but the hubster had the final say.  🙂


We made our way to the Port of Miami where we were meeting to get on the Carnival cruise ship where the wedding was taking place.  It was a BIG ship!


We had a lot of waiting to do, in a lot of different places.  We had to wait outside for a while, and then finally got called for priority boarding.  When we entered through all the security check points, they filed us into the main waiting area.  Shortly thereafter we had to move to a waiting area on the opposite side of the wall (seriously?!).  Then a little later, we were moved into the wedding area waiting room…where we waited some more.  I think we waited almost 2 hours in total before we finally boarded the ship!  Upon boarding we were instructed to go get lunch on one of the decks, which we happily did since we were sooo hungry!  There was an awesome selection of food, plus an awesome selection of views! 🙂


After lunch it was about time to go head to the Ovation Theatre, where the wedding was taking place.  The gents looked rather dashing and the ladies looked gorgeous!




The wedding started right around 1pm and afterward we were quickly escorted to the Liquid Nightclub where the reception was taking place.  This place was SO sweet!  We had an open bar and champagne, plus a tasty selection of appetizers (I enjoyed the sushi, some lamb puff pastries, a salmon item, and a brie choice, a stuffed and breaded mushroom and some fresh fruit)  Then, of course, the wedding cake!  It was SO good! It was a strawberries and cream cake and it was so tasty!  Yummy!


We did a little dancing, a little chit-chatting….and then it was time for the non-cruisers to depart the ship 😦  boo.  The time went so quickly!  But, what can you do right?  So we took a taxi back to the hotel, changed into some more casual clothes, and then met up with two friends who weren’t going on the cruise and walked around the city together.  We took in as many sights as we could see.  We even, at one point, saw a big protest that was taking place about the George Zimmerman verdict, where all the local news channels were getting coverage.  It was really interesting to see.


After roaming around a while, we ended up heading back to the hotel, just in time before it really started to rain.  We just hung around the hotel and relaxed a bit…and of course got some late night snackies down at the restaurant in the hotel, consisting of pita and hummus and cheese fries 😀  Our friends hit the road around 10 pm to drive back home to South Carolina (oy!  I did not envy them!)  and then soon after the hubster and I hit the hay.  We were turd! (Our word for tired! Yep, we’re dorks, what did I say?!)

We got up around 6:45 to get ourselves all packed up and to head for the airport Monday morning.  We got there and getting caffeine was number uno on my priority list.  It’s sad to say, but I am 100% addicted to my morning coffees and if I don’t have caffeine I will get a headache and be pretty grouchy :O  Our first flight went smoothly and we had about an hour, like last time, between flights.  But this time, we decided to take the chance and get the hubster to Chick-fil-A for lunch!  Great success!  He was so happy 😀  We ended up getting home around 3pm, I did some grocery shopping, unpacked, and then just relaxed the rest of the night.  It was such a whirlwind weekend, but it was a wonderful time!  All in all, things went really smoothly and it was so good catching up with everyone again!  Can’t wait to go and visit them all again 🙂

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