What Happens When Your Pants Don’t Fit

30 Aug

Yep, we’re going there today…

You know that moment, that terrible, horrible, fearful moment when you try on those pair of pants that once fit you loosely and now they are :snug:?  What was your reaction?





Yep, that’s probably not too far from the truth.  But why is it that we get so upset, so angry, so frustrated over the fact that our clothes don’t fit quite like they used to?  Because it’s synonymous with gaining weight.  And I can’t think of one person that relishes the idea of gaining weight.  If only these days were still around…


But sadly, things have changed…a lot.  Gaining weight is one of the things people fear the most these days.  We so often associate weight gain as something to be ashamed of, something to be embarrassed about, or something that equates to being a :failure:.

So why is it that we get so down on ourselves when we gain weight?  Because society teaches us that losing weight is admirable…that it’s a good thing.  It’s desired or implied that losing weight is the key to being healthy.  Everywhere you look, whether it be on the covers of magazines while waiting in line at the grocery store, on your main web browser the minute you sign on to your computer in the morning, or on the commercials you see on tv, you find information on how to lose weight…and lose it quickly.

A quick search on ‘google’ with the term ‘fad diets’ turned up so many different ones.  There’s the Atkins, Paleo, Mediterranean, South Beach, Alkaline, Baby Food, Blood-Type, The French Woman, Gluten Free, Dukan, etc. etc.  If you want an even lengthier list, go here. …all of these promise us that we are bound to lose weight if we adhere to every.single.”rule” these diets enforce.

 fad diets

Then, conversely, we’re hit with the latest fad workouts that are guaranteed to drop pounds and trim inches in only a few days!  Yes, success and results are imminent!  P90X, Insanity, piloxing, just to name a few.

If we don’t lose weight (and actually gain weight) we feel like we’re doing something wrong.  It’s almost like we’re committing some sort of heinous crime!

So what’s the point of all of this?  We can’t control what goes on around us, we will be bombarded with this stuff everywhere we turn.  But we can choose whether we will go along with it, or if we’re willing to swim against the current.

Go against the flow

For me, gaining this weight is essential to my health and well-being.  I am actually becoming more healthy now that I’m gaining weight.  But even for those who are at a healthy weight, we should not be fearful of gaining weight…so worried about gaining even one pound that we turn down invitations to go out for ice cream, or count calories obsessively to make sure we’re taking in ‘exactly what we need’ or exactly what we did the day before…or we become so worried about adding variety to our food choices because we have our ‘safe’ foods, or the foods we eat and know we won’t gain weight.  Doing these things keeps us locked in a prison.  There is no freedom that comes from living that way.

So really, what is the worst thing about gaining weight and having our pants become just a little too snug?  We get an excuse to go shopping for more clothes 😉  But really, what’s so wrong about gaining a little weight?  As long as we stay at a healthy weight for ourselves (which is quite a large window, in reality) we are okay.  We can loosen up a bit and not be so hard on ourselves nor so strict about what we allow ourselves to eat.  I’m learning that it’s okay to just let down your guard and simply enjoy food.  Because, truth be told, there are so many tasty foods to enjoy.  I’ve deprived myself for so long, or limited myself to certain ‘acceptable foods’ for so long, that now is my time to broaden out a bit and experience food.

Circle with lots of food items

It’s time for us to take charge, to fight against giving into the pressure to be focused on losing weight, and to just find a place of healthiness and happiness for ourselves.  To me, it’s far more important to gain a little chub and be happy and able to truly enjoy food, than to be stuck as thin or always in the ‘diet mentality’ and not enjoy food or view it as the enemy.


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4 responses to “What Happens When Your Pants Don’t Fit

  1. teenieyogini

    August 30, 2013 at 2:22 am

    I needed to buy new pants last weekend. It didn’t happen, because I couldn’t. But a friend was like “dooooood you are replacing size 10 skinny jeans with sparkely crap and Barbie from the kids department for grown up clothes. This IS normal!” It made me feel a little better.
    Congrats on your new tight pants. Keep at it!

    • Little Miss Fit

      August 30, 2013 at 3:38 am

      It’s certainly a struggle and not an easy thing to face, but it is so normal. Plus it’s always a help to have a friend or someone there to give you a little extra encouragement, too! 🙂

      Thanks so much girl! I appreciate it!

  2. Christine@ Apple of My Eye

    August 30, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    I think it’s so funny how the perspective of beauty changes. Like those two pictures you posted from a few decades ago, beauty is so evanescent and who knows where it’ll go next. The trend right now is emaciated but with huge breasts and a butt the size of Jupiter.

    But in ALL honestly, there is nothing more precious or long-lasting than your health. Stressing over a few pounds is such a waste of what we can give to ourselves and to the world, and like you said, locks us in a prison!

    LOVE this post girlie ❤

    • Little Miss Fit

      August 31, 2013 at 1:56 am

      You are so right! It’s so crazy to think how much things have changed over the years and how the trend is so unattainable, yet something people continuously strive for.

      The most important thing is the quality of your life and if you’re always striving for something you can never attain, you will never be happy


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