Day Four : Love is Thoughtful

12 Nov

Monday, November 11, 2013 – Day Four: Love is Thoughtful


Day Four is all about being thoughtful.  Thoughtfulness can present itself in different ways.

Being thoughtful means giving thought to the other person.  When you first met your significant other and you started developing feelings for them, no doubt you thought about them often.  The closer you became, the more you probably thought about them.  Oftentimes you may have tried to impress them or do nice acts for them.  As relationships progress, those initial romantic feelings and kind gestures can start to fade and not happen as often as they once did.  It’s normal in any relationship.  Yet in order to have a strong and lasting relationship, you need to work to keep that aspect fresh and new and not allow it to fade away.

Men tend to have a harder time with thoughtfulness than woman do, most often because women are more sensitive and think of things in different ways then men do.  A woman wants nothing more than for her spouse or significant other to understand her feelings.  I am almost certain that a common disagreement can stem from a woman thinking that her husband or significant other should just know what she’s thinking and feeling.  Conversely, in that situation, a husband may be frustrated for being “in the dog house” for something he didn’t even do!

Real love allows for a compromise, for the ability to meet in the middle.  One must constantly remember that you are very different than your significant other…both are unique and have differences in opinions and views on things.

The Love Dare asks a few interesting questions: When was the last time you spent a few minutes thinking about how you could better understand and demonstrate love?  What immediate need can you meet?  What’s the next event (birthday, anniversary, holiday) you could be preparing for?

 The dare for day four:


I knew Scott had to wake up early to hit the road to leave for Pennsylvania, so a little after 5:30 in the morning, I shot him a text telling him good morning and that I hope he had a safe trip.  I was thinking about him right away when I woke up and I wanted him to know.  I sent him an email earlier in the morning (which I am fully aware he won’t see until he returns home Friday morning) just telling him good morning and how I already missed his emails to me and it was only 9 minutes into my shift.  One thing I love is that we both have access to computers during the course of our work-day so we will email each other during the day.  When he isn’t at work, I really miss it.  I get to work really early before my shift starts, so I always wait for him to shoot me a good morning email when he gets in.  I look forward to seeing the little envelope icon pop up, indicating I have a new message and finding that it’s from Scott. 🙂  So when he’s not there, I miss it…and I wanted him to know.

I’m also currently looking into another HUGE surprise for Scott…until I get it set in stone and know for sure it’s happening, I won’t get too excited or share too many details just yet, but if it works out, I definitely will!! 😀

Day 4 down, 36 to go!

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