Day Six : Love is Not Irritable

14 Nov

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 – Day Six: Love is Not Irritable


Ever had one of those days (or weeks, or months!) when you just got irritated at anything and everything?  Maybe it was something to do with work or some personal issue you were dealing with.  Have you ever been guilty of taking that irritability out on innocent bystanders who are not at fault or even connected to the reason you’re irritable?  I know I have.  It can sometimes be easy to take our frustrations and irritability out on the people that are closest to us, especially a significant other, since they are the person we probably spend the most time with.  Yet, have you ever thought of how doing so can effect the other person?  I personally am aware of my struggles in this area…especially so in the past.

There were several wonderful points that I gleaned from this section of The Love Dare.  It made the point that love is quick to forgive and hard to offend.  Then asked the question, “How easily do you get irritated or offended?”  It also went on to emphasize the need to keep calm under pressure and not react negatively to something minor.  Are you on the cusp of blowing up if the slightest thing doesn’t go your way or just how you want it to?

Two major reasons why people can be so irritable now — 1) stress and 2) selfishness.  When we’re stressed out it sucks all of our energy and weighs us down.  Stress can result from many different areas in our lives.  We may be busy with work or school, trying to cram too much into our already busy schedules.  We could have personal issues, whether they be with relationships, health, or financial troubles.  Or, it could be a result of not getting proper nutrition, exercise or enough rest.


It’s important that we always look to find that balance in our lives.  Oftentimes we can commit ourselves to too many things, thinking we can take on everything that comes our way.  But we can often find that we end up biting off more than we can chew.  In time, the pressure can easily wear on our patience and then effect our relationships.

Selfishness also plays a huge part in if we’re irritable or not.  The Love Dare stated “when you are irritable, the heart of the problem is primarily a problem of the heart.”  We can become bitter, be greedy, or be prideful, all of which would contribute to our irritability.  Yet, it’s always important to keep calm and take the focus off of ourselves and put the focus on our significant other.  When we let love in, we learn to forgive instead of harvesting resentment or bitterness.  Love is a peaceful, calming influence in our lives.

The dare for day six:


For me, I think in the past I often let more selfish things crowd out my desire or acceptance of spending time with Scott.  When I was really struggling with my eating disorder, I would decline the idea of going to dinner, or missing a workout in order to do something.  I took myself way too seriously and ended up passing up on opportunities to spend with Scott.  I want to always work to make my relationship with Scott a priority and not let such vain pursuits take away from my time with him.

Day 6 down, 34 to go!

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