Day Nine : Love Makes Good Impressions

17 Nov

Saturday, November 15, 2013 – Day Nine: Love Makes Good Impressions


It is said that you can tell a lot about the current status of a couple’s relationship by the way they greet one another.  It can be evident in the smile that spreads across their face, the tone in their voice, or the way they lovingly touch or embrace one another.

When was the last time you really showed that you were happy or excited to see your significant other?  How did you show it?  Think about what you and your significant other reveal about your relationship based on how you choose to greet each other.  When they see you, are they happy?  If someone else would see you greeting one another, would they know you love one another or are married?  Or would they think you’re just a friend, acquaintance, or even someone that you’re not too fond of?

Sometimes people don’t greet one another in a warm way because they don’t feel like its genuine or feel sincere about it.  But even if that is true, even if there are times when you may even be in a disagreement or fight with your significant other, or if maybe things in general are rocky in your relationship, there is a lot of benefit that can come from taking that first step and having greeting them warmly.  When was the last time you did one of these:


I know I can honestly say I can’t genuinely remember the last time.  Granted, it’s not normal or typical to greet each other like this all the time.  But every now and then, why not?  Why not run toward them and jump and give them a big hug?  Let them know just how excited you really are to see them.  Your greeting them that way, even when things may be strained in your relationship, shows that you’re taking the initiative to improve the relationship and you’re making a sound, loving investment in the longevity and health of your relationship.

When you greet your significant other, you should do so in a way that shows them you care about them and that you view them as cherished, rather than as someone you just get along with.  It can be simple to do throughout the course of the day.  It can start when you wake up in the morning together, a text you send to them throughout the day, or when you greet each other after work each day.  Just think how big of a difference it can make in their day if they felt that you genuinely wanted to see them each time you did.  There is no better feeling than to be wanted and to know that someone is happy to be with you.  The Love Dare indicated that it is a price gift you can give every single day, that costs you nothing at all.

The dare for day nine:


The questions for pondering:  When and where did you choose to do your special greeting?  How did your mate respond to it?  How will you change your greeting from this point on?

Well I sort of failed a bit at this one.  We didn’t see each other until later in the evening, and since he has a key to the apartment, he let himself right in without me knowing he had arrived.  So I missed my opportunity to really give him the greeting I had wanted to last night (which would have been a big hug like pictured above!)  But it definitely did get me thinking about different ways, even subtle ways throughout the course of the day, that I can greet Scott in order to show him that I’m thinking of him, value him, and am happy to see him.  I can’t wait to start doing so, and to really show him how I feel when I see him…even on days I may not be in the best mood, or feeling good.  It makes all the difference in the world and I know it would contribute to him feeling really good.  It’s definitely worth it!

Day 9 down, 31 to go!!

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