Big changes + big surprises = pretty marvelous! (MIMM)

18 Nov

Hey hey hey guys!  So it has been so long since I’ve had a straight up regular post.  I’ve been going full-steam ahead on this whole ‘Love Dare’ thing, so that has been consuming my blog lately.  But I’ve missed chit-chatting about other things in my life.  So for this week’s Marvelous in My Monday, which is my favorite link-up of the week, thanks to Katie, I thought I’d share some other things going on in the world of muah! 🙂

First and foremost, I had previously talked about a certain surprise that I was working on for Scott.  Now I can finally talk about it.  I didn’t want to talk it up if I ended up not being able to follow through.  Sooo Scott is a HUGE Clemson Tigers fan, the college football team from Clemson, South Carolina since he went there.  They are doing really good this season (9-1, 2nd in their division!) and their last season game is Saturday, November 30 (the weekend of Thanksgiving) and they are playing South Carolina….which are their biggest rival.  So I got this brainstorm idea that it would be really cool if we could go down there for a game and since we have some days off for the holiday, we could make use of that time off.  I looked up flights, and SHEESH…the cheapest was about $450 a person!  No way, jose!  So then I decided that it would be really fun to plan a road trip!  And make it a real road trip, too…just paving our way, taking our time and doing things along the way, and ending up in South Carolina. Then, I realized I needed to get the tickets first before all this planning could happen.  So began my search…


I was shocked at how expensive the tickets were!  But eBay had some options that weren’t too crazy expensive.  So began my experimentation with eBay.  I have never purchased or attempted to purchase anything on eBay.  But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  So, I jumped right in.  I set up an account and placed a bid on two tickets!  I actually felt really stupid initially because I didn’t realize the bid didn’t close for over 3 days and the more time that passed, I was worried the higher the ticket prices would be if this didn’t work out.  But, I held my breath.  Thursday FINALLY came around.  I was at work, the bidding was to close around 9:15 and I was coached on how to ‘snipe’ and act a minute before the close of the bid to place my final bid.  Pressure was on…but….I WON!!!!!!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I was!!! 😀

Saturday, the tickets came via USPS certified mail.  Thank goodness I was home when the mailman came because I needed to sign for it!


Now the planning begins!  The whole thing is going to be a surprise!  I only told Scott to make sure he leaves the whole Thanksgiving weekend open.  As it gets closer, I’ll tell him we’ll be taking a road trip.  Just before we leave, I’ll tell him we’re going to South Carolina, just to get away for a bit and go somewhere warmer.  I think I’ll hold off telling him about going to the game for as long as possible.  I thought it’d be kind of fun to come up with some “clues” to give him about what we’re doing Thanksgiving weekend, where we’re going, etc. just to make it fun and keep him guessing.  But we’ll see if I’m clever enough to follow through!  I am SO excited!  I can’t even imagine how he will respond when he finds out!!! 😀

So, on to other news…aside from the excitement of planning this surprise, I’ve overall been feeling pretty miserable lately, physically.  I’ve had the worst stomach pains lately, along with some headaches almost every day this past week.  Granted, I’ve always had issues with my stomach, but the last week or two has been taken to the extreme.  I don’t really know what set it off, but has made my days almost unbearable.  At times, my stomach will start feeling better, but it always comes back again later in the day, no matter what.  It literally sucks the life out of me.  All I want to do after working all day and feeling terrible is to come home and lie on the couch.  It seems that is the only comfort I get.  I’ve went to the GI doctor before in the past, and nothing was noticeably wrong…so I don’t think I’d gain any ground by going to the doctor again.

My eating habits have been all over the place for so long.  Since the outset of my eating disorder, I’ve either been restricting on a regular basis, or binging at night, and I think that is severally messed up my digestive system.  I already had stomach issues before my eating disorder took root, and I think I just exasperated my problems.  It’s kind of scary to think of the damage I did to my body.  I don’t think my body knows what a normal eating patterns are.  It doesn’t know how to process what I give it when I feed it.  I’ve been doing so much research on different foods that could be contributing or causing me my issues.  I’ve looked into the Paleo Diet.  Felt it was too restrictive.  I’ve looked into “the Elimination Diet” which is pretty comparable to the Paleo Diet.  I’ve contemplated trying to go Gluten Free.  I never could commit because they all felt too restrictive to me.  But now, I need to make some SERIOUS changes.  I can’t keep living each day like this anymore.  Especially with things seeming to get worse.

Then, something jumped out at me.  I can’t quite recall how the thought even came to my mind, but when it hit, it stuck.  Artificial sweeteners. 


I realized just how much I consumed on a daily basis.  Before I even got out the door for the day, I’d have coffee with Sweet ‘n Low and sugar-free creamer.  Both containing sugar-substitutes.  Admittedly while I was in the depths of my eating disorder, I became addicted to popping sugar-free mints and candies on an obsessive-scale to help ward off hunger pains.  That habit never left me.  So every single day, I would still continue to eat sugar free mints…a lot of them.  Again, all containing artificial sweeteners.  Then, since I hate plain old water, I would add flavored packets to my water bottle, at least twice a day.  My Greek yogurt for breakfast?  Artificial sweetener.  Drinks before bed (diet soda, typically) all have artificial sweetener.  Every day is filled with it.  Day after day.  Week after week.  Month after month.

So I did some research on artificial sweeteners and was surprised by what I found.  Granted, I had heard things here and there about the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners, but I guess I never gave it that much thought, or took much time to really look into it.  But now I’m trying to find any culprits I can that may be contributing to my stomach issues.  So, I’ve decided to get rid of all of the sugar-free candies and foods, all of the artificial sweeteners, from my diet.  Maybe they’re not the reason for my stomach troubles, but they certainly aren’t doing me any good.  So this weekend, I took serious steps and got rid of all of the things I have which contained all of those nasty artificial sweeteners.


I think the ones which were most ‘shocking’ were the ‘no sugar added mixed fruit cups and applesauce cups.  I assumed that it would just be fruit in it’s natural state, only in a cup, not with added sugar substitutes.  This one was really eye-opening.  I’m still in shock from this one…


50% less sugar…but WAY more fiber.  So they pump it with ‘Soluble Corn Fiber’?!  In 1/4 cup there is 40% of your daily value in fiber.  That is wild to me!

In addition to getting rid of all of these things, I also cleaned out all of my candy and sweets.  Somewhere along the road with my eating disorder, I picked up the idea that eating sugar meant I was recovering.  So I started eating it…a lot.  That eventually allowed for me to turn to all the sugary garbage when I started binging.  I decided it was time to get rid of all the candy and sugar, since I am now going to try and incorporate sugar in a more sensible, healthy way.


It felt really good to get all that garbage out of the house.  I pitched all of the sugar-free stuff, since I didn’t think it wise to pass that on to anyone else.  I did let Scott take the ‘sugar’ bag home with him so he could have some and share with his niece and nephew.  I didn’t want to be wasteful and trash it all.

So this weekend has been an interesting one.  I’ve also decided that I am going to try to start going gluten-free and dairy-free as I know these foods can add to complications with digestion.  I did a lot of research online and educated myself about what foods I could have and what alternatives were available.  I was surprised to find that gluten-free is not at all as restrictive as I previously thought.  Nor is dairy-free.  The grocery store outings (yes, plural) this weekend were really educative and I got some really great things I’m excited about.  I got a lot of gluten-free foods and some dairy-free, soy alternatives.  I also am looking for some different healthy fats and got some new nut butters recently!  Plus, I got some natural sweeteners, too!


More updates will come as I start to really implement these changes in the days and weeks to come.  In just the three days that I’ve made these changes (cutting out the artificial sweeteners, cutting out/back on gluten, and getting rid of the dairy) I’ve noticed HUGE improvements already!  My stomach has already been feeling better.  If this is indicative of what will continue to be for me if I stay on track with this, then I am going to be SO SO SO happy and I will definitely stick to it!  After feeling miserable and barely getting through each day, I would be overjoyed to find that this could be a huge improvement and potential solution!

Since I’ve cut out the flavor packets that I always added to my water, and have cut out soda, I am drinking straight-up, plain old water.  I really really don’t like water.  But, I am willing to acquire a “taste” for it.  The last three days have just been straight up water (aside from my morning coffee) so I’ve allowed myself a “treat” each night.  I’ve been having a small glass of wine each night, just so I have something other than water and sort of reward myself for sticking to just water.  Mmm it tastes so much better now that it’s the only break in my otherwise boring drinking habits. 🙂

2012-11-17 15.25.35

(Please don’t think I’m this huge boozer now!  The Moscato is the one I’ve been loving. Scott has had almost all of the missing Merlot when he came over for movie night on Saturday, other than a small sip that I tried.)  This weekend has been one of the most relaxing, calm, enjoyable weekends I’ve had in a while.  It was rainy on and off all weekend and I just had nothing really planned, which was amazing!  It was just a great weekend to have for myself.  Saturday night, Scott came over for a movie and Sunday night is the Packers game, but otherwise it was a nice weekend with myself and Dexter. 🙂

2012-11-17 11.47.38

So that was my marvelous weekend and some updates in my life!  Hope you all had a fun, relaxing weekend and have a Marvelous Monday!!! 😀



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10 responses to “Big changes + big surprises = pretty marvelous! (MIMM)

  1. jessielovestorun

    November 18, 2013 at 12:27 am

    What a sweet surprise. Scott is going to be on cloud 9. Eh, I am so excited for you. I’m horrible with surprises, so major props to you on being able to keep it a secret for this long so far :).

    I’m so sorry to hear about your stomach issues. Hopefully by switching up your diet a bit you’ll be able to figure out exactly what was the trigger to all your issues. Will keep you in my prayers.

    …another sad game for the Packers 😦 😦 We need Aaron back.

    • Little Miss Fit

      November 18, 2013 at 1:16 pm

      Aw thanks girl! I seriously can’t wait! 😀

      I appreciate your prayers! I hope that I can figure out what’s causing me all these problems. It’s pretty discouraging and frustrating, but I’m trying to keep my spirits up and remain optimistic that maybe these changes will allow for improvements.

      I know! It’s getting to the point where I don’t even want to watch anymore… 😦

  2. llanderson

    November 18, 2013 at 3:17 am

    I’m impressed with your resolve! I too take in too much artificial sweetener, although I’ve been lazy to do anything about it. Maybe I need to do a side by side comparison on what calories I’d be taking in by using real sugar and seeing what the big deal would really be. Keep posting about the new diet!

    • Little Miss Fit

      November 18, 2013 at 1:17 pm

      Thank you! I know just how hard it can be to give them up. They are in everything! I definitely need to make these changes though and see if they have any lasting impact on my health. It’s getting to the point where I am needing to try anything and everything. There will be updates, don’t worry! 🙂

  3. teenieyogini

    November 18, 2013 at 11:21 am

    That’s such a cool surprise you planned!!!!

    I am deathly allergic to aspartame. It makes me bleed if I touch it! Good job getting rid if all that stuff!

    You could always try the flavored seltzers to help with your water situation. Some have sweeteners, but not all.

    • Little Miss Fit

      November 18, 2013 at 1:18 pm

      Thanks!!! I’m so excited! I literally can’t wait! 😀

      That’s a really great suggestion! I’ll definitely look into it! I was also thinking of even adding some lemon or lime into my water, too. Just to give it some sort of flavor!

  4. bhcrum

    November 18, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Good luck with your surprise! I hope you two have a great time!

    As for your new eating habits, I think it is great that you are seeing if artificial sweeteners will help with your stomach issues. It might even help with your headaches! Also I am proud of you for realizing that “diets” like the Paleo Diet are too restrictive. My nutritionist has emphasized how important it is not to restrict from whole food groups unless you have a serious digestive issue that is irritated by certain foods. I would say that if you continue to have stomach pain it might not be a bad idea to schedule another appointment with a GI doctor. It couldn’t hurt anyways 🙂 Have you ever thought about visiting with a nutritionist? I absolutely adore mine and they would really be able to help you figure out what foods would be beneficial. I was actually going to suggest adding some lemon on lime into your water to spruce up the flavor, but I see you already thought of that 🙂 Keep it up girl, I can tell you are working hard!

    P.S. Your cat is precious!

    • Little Miss Fit

      November 19, 2013 at 2:47 am

      Aw thank you so much! I am so excited about the surprise! I can’t wait to give him the little hints leading up to it and then to drop the REAL surprise on him when I tell him about buying the tickets and going to the game! 😀

      Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Paleo was way too restrictive. I felt that going gluten-free would be really restrictive too, but I’m actually finding that there are SO MANY more options available for those who are on gluten-free diets. I’ve even learned to branch out much more and try different things. As funny as it may seem, I think it’s helping me to really get out of my comfort zone as far as foods I eat. I had my “safe” foods that I ate very regularly with no problems, but now I have to re-think everything I’m eating and that means eating more and different foods! It’s actually been really exciting so far.

      I have seen a dietitian on and off since I started going to therapy for my eating disorder. So I am very familiar with them. I haven’t seen my dietitian for a month or so now, just because of scheduling issues mostly (she doesn’t take clients after 4 and I work til 4:15) but it may be advantageous to schedule just a “check up” with her, especially with my new dietary restrictions. Thanks for all your suggestions and encouragement! You inspire me every day with your posts, girly! 😀

      P.S. Isn’t he?! Gah, I love the little guy!

  5. di @ life of di.

    November 19, 2013 at 11:27 pm

    Sorry I have been MIA on your blog posts recently. I have seen the Love Dare posts and I need to go back and comment on them. 🙂 For now, I think it’s awesome that you’re cutting back on artificial sweetener. I realized I was using a ton of the Truvia packets and have recently cut back as well. I have also tried to cut out as much gluten as possible. I can pretty much make it through the week but come Sunday night, I definitely enjoy dessert at my parents house 🙂

    • Little Miss Fit

      November 20, 2013 at 3:33 am

      Aw thank you lady! It is definitely a HUGE adjustment for me! The hardest thing so far is my morning coffee. It just doesn’t taste the same without my sweet ‘n low and sugar free creamer 😦 But I know it will be for my own good in the long run, so I’m trying to keep that in mind.

      I think there is ALWAYS room for dessert, exceptions are definitely allowed!!! 😀


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