Day Twenty : Love is Jesus Christ

02 Dec

Monday, December 2, 2013 – Day Twenty: Love is Jesus Christ

First of all, I want to do a brief update for those of you who have been falling my ‘love dare’ posts.  Since I was gone Thursday-Sunday, I decided I would put the love dare ‘on hold’ so that I could fully commit to it instead of rushing through each section and not getting the full benefit from it.  So I will pick up where I left off and keep going forward each day.  I did, however, get to put some of my previous ‘dares’ to use while I was gone.  The hardest one was when we had a misunderstanding and both went to bed a bit frustrated with one another.  (Granted, we probably should have resolved it that night, but it was late and we were both tired and we weren’t making any progress) So the next morning, we both woke up still upset from the disagreement the night before.  I took the initiative to apologize.  It was hard at first to be the one to do so, but I knew I had to.  We had both been having a great time and I didn’t want the rest of our trip to be bad, as a result.  He was so thankful and appreciative that I took the initiative to rectify things and he was quick to apologize, too.  Love in action. 🙂

I debated about whether to do this post for Day 20, since it is very religious-y and I tend not to really want to get into religion too much on my blog.  But I also didn’t want to skip a day, either.  So I decided I’d do it but keep it brief and not really highlight as many points as I would normally.


This particular section in the Love Dare focuses on having yourself rooted in God’s love.  It indicated that one can never fully love others until we first grasp God’s love for us individually.

God not only showed love to us by creating us and providing the breath we need in order to live each day, but he loved us by giving his son on our behalf.  We are each born into sin and imperfection.  We have sinful tendencies which allow us to be prideful, hateful, deceitful, and ungrateful.  God knew that unless he intervened, we would be a lost cause.  So he offered his son as a ransom.  Every failure in our lives can be forgiven.  In order to be able to know how to fully love, we need to receive God’s love.

Day 20 down, 20 to go!

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