Day Twenty-One : Love is Satisfied in God

04 Dec

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 – Day Twenty-One: Love is Satisfied in God

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This section in the Love Dare discussed the importance of realizing that every single day we need God.  It is not a part-time thing, something we do when we face hardships and trials, but something we should be doing on a regular, consistent basis.  Too often today people think that money or personal success will ensure happiness and contentment.  When we feel low or unhappy, we think it’s because we don’t have something.  However, we don’t really realize that God didn’t intend for material things to be our source of happiness.  God will never disappoint us, even when others do.

Each day we have expectations we may place on our spouse…sometimes they may meet them, other times they may not.  Yet they do not have the ability to always meet our demands, either because our demands are unreasonable or simply because they are imperfect and can’t do everything we’d like them to do.  Yet God never disappoints.  He will always exceed our expectations.  We can always turn to God to fulfill the real needs we have in our lives.

Our spouses don’t have the ability to give us inner peace and yet that is in the realm of possibility for God.  Our spouses may not be able to offer us contentment when life throws us challenges, yet God can.  We can’t expect other people, including our spouses, to keep us going or leave us feeling fulfilled on a continual basis.  Our desire to find love and intimacy, peace and joy are real.  Yet instead of trying to attain those things by focusing on unstable things, like our health, money, and even our spouse, we need to focus on God.  He’s the only constant in our lives who will always be there for us.

When we try to find happiness through material possessions, we will never attain it.  Yet when we try and pursue a close relationship with God, we can.  It’s a matter of making that relationship a top priority in our lives.

Dare for day 21:


Questions for pondering: How do you think spending time daily with God will change your situation and perspective?  How can you make him a bigger part of your day?

I think that by allowing God into my life more, I’ll be able to fully create a deeper relationship and connection with him.  The more I allow him into my life, the more I am convinced that I will be able to keep strong in all areas of my life.

Day 21 down, 19 to go!

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