Day Twenty-Two : Love is Faithful

05 Dec

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 – Day 22: Love is Faithful


This section reminded of the importance of loving God and loving others.  It should be our life’s work.  Love is often a hard thing to display towards others, but if we keep in mind the love that is shown to us, it will allow us to deal more lovingly with others.  We were intended to share love, so how do you respond when your love is seemingly rejected?  How would you respond if the person you were married to, who professed their undying love for you, stopped accepting your love?

No doubt when you make the choice to marry someone, you never anticipate your love for them fading or dying completely.  You always envision that love to flow freely and with ease and to never become difficult to express.  Yet if we keep in mind the unselfish love that Jesus has, it will allow us to continue to love even when that love is returned unwanted.  The Love Dare mentioned that “love is often expressed the most to those who deserve it the least.”  Maybe our spouses have hurt us or done things to us that we no longer feel they are worthy of our love.  Yet if we ask for God’s help, we can learn to express that love even when it seems impossible to do so.

Dare for day 22:


This dare is actually extremely challenging for me.  I can’t even remember the last time I told Scott that I loved him.  It’s been that long.  To tell him I love him, out of the blue, after not telling him for so long, is a tough concept.  Yet, I did it.  I brought it up when we were together last night.  I told him that I recently learned what love really meant.  What true love and unconditional love really meant.  I told him that although I haven’t said it to him in a while and that although we’ve had many rough patches along the way, that my love for him is lasting, despite it all.  I told him that I never plan on stopping loving him.  It opened up a great conversation for us.  It also felt really good to say that to him.  Although it was difficult, I know it will only help things for us going forward.

Questions for Pondering:  Why is this kind of love impossible without the love of Christ beating in your heart?  How does his presence within you enable you to love, even when its primarily one-sided?

I think it takes a measure of forgiveness and understanding.  If you keep in mind that Jesus love was so self-sacrificing and given so freely even when we are all unworthy of it, it allows you to realize that we need to be more understanding and forgiving of others, too.  If he can continue to offer his love to us on a daily basis, despite all of our sins and failings, then how much more so should we try and do that to others.  He gave the greatest sacrifice and yet we still often times don’t show our appreciation.  Until we understand that love, there is no way we can fully grasp a love of that depth and a self-sacrificing form of love.

Day 22 down, 18 to go!

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