Marvelous times + marvelous future travels (MIMM)

09 Dec

Happy Monday e’erbody!  It’s feeling like winter/Christmastime here in Wisconsin!  I have to admit that I love a nice snowy day and looking at the pretty Christmas lights! 😀  As always, since it’s Monday, it’s time to hook up with Katie for some Marvelous talk!


Well some super marvelous news came this week for me at work.  It was totally out of the blue and completely unexpected…but I got offered the opportunity to go out to Philadelphia the week of December 16th!  I’d be leaving that Monday and returning home that Friday.  There is a Texas adjuster licensing seminar and testing that is being held in Philadelphia (weird, I know, right?!) and my boss got an email from the ones who are hosting the seminar asking if there were any employees that needed to go or could go.  My boss talked to me and said that she thought I was ready to go and to think about accepting even though it was short notice.  My initial response?  NO WAY.  I felt I didn’t have enough knowledge nor time under my belt in my position as a claims adjuster to be able to go and pass the testing.  I’ve been adjuster for less than a year and the other adjusters have take the testing well after having years on the job.  So I started doubting myself and my ability to pass the test.

Yet, after thinking it over and talking it over with Scott, a co-worker, and my boss, I made a decision.  I said YES!  Now I even surprised myself!  In the past I would have looked for any excuse not go.  I would have talked myself out of it.  But I’m really trying to believe in myself and my abilities instead of always second-guessing myself.  If my boss thinks I’m ready and is willing to send me there, then I should trust her judgment.  Will it be nerve-wrecking?  Yes.  It will be.  I’ll be traveling on my own for the first time in a city I’m unfamiliar with and doing a seminar with people that are no doubt more knowledgeable than I am.  But, you know what?  I’m actually really excited about it now!  I think this is HUGE opportunity and step for me in taking chances and believing in myself!  I’m really proud of myself and glad that I accepted.  I know I would have only regretted not going.  I was really happy when I saw my boss put it on our department calendar in Outlook! 😀

adjuster licensing


Saturday night I went to my first Milwaukee Wave’s game!  I’ve never been to a professional soccer game before so it was a pretty neat experience.  Scott and I met up with some friends.  It was an absolutely un-marvelous frigid night in Milwaukee.  I think it was only about 10 when we got there.  Brrr.  Yet we ended up having a marvelous time!


We were down 2 to 10 for quite a long time.  Things were looking pretty bleak.  But, we managed to tie it up by the fourth!  There was less than a minute left in the last quarter and we scored!  YAY!  I was admittedly not all that excited about the game, but when we started kicking butt and scoring like cray-zay and then scored with less than a minute left in the game, even I was cheering like a crazy woman!  It was pretty fun and it was awesome that we came back to win it after being down by so much!


Afterwards, there was a post-game concert!  (Shh, that was the only reason we really went to the Wave game! :P)  My friend is a huge Daughtry fan (and admittedly I’m a pretty big fan, too) and they were performing after.  It was an all-acoustic show which was actually really awesome.  We got to move down super close to the stage and it just felt like a very intimate, relaxed show.  They were engaging with the audience and were drinking in between songs.  It was super cool.



Saturday was also a momentous day for me.  Guys, I finally did.  I finally got a SMARTPHONE.  Yep, it took me this long.  When we signed up with US Cellular about two years ago, I just didn’t really care too much about having a fancy-schmancy phone.  We signed up and ended up getting stuck with a two year contract.  We weren’t really all that happy with US Cellular or the price we were paying for such little amount we were actually getting.  So we decided we were going to switch providers at the end of our two years and phones, too.  So we FINALLY made it happen.  We switched over to T-Mobile, since a friend of Scott’s who actually used to work with T-Mobile gave us some really good information about their plans and phones and it seemed like something that would work well for us.  So we got the LG Optimus F6!  Now I’m up-to-date and not living in the prehistoric days with my old phone!


As mentioned in the beginning of my post, we are experiencing what I will consider our first significant snow fall of the year.  I think we’re expected to get between 3-5 inches.  It was the pretty, fluffy snow, too!  Made for some pretty pictures 🙂  Sadly, I had to still go out and get some errands done…but I knocked them out as early in the day as I could and then hunkered down in my apartment.


I also got some marvelous seasonal goodies at the store today!  I love all things seasonal.  I can’t help it.  I’m such a sucker for anything limited edition or seasonal.  I may have actually made a half-run to the display of Gingerbread M&M’s.  I don’t even know if anyone saw, but I really don’t care.  It’s GINGERBREAD M&M’S PEOPLE!  This is something worth running to!  Plus I always need to get candy canes.  I love all the different flavored ones, but I’m a sucker for the traditional peppermint ones.

tis the season

Well I will end this marvelous post on a funny note.  I saw this at the grocery store and I just thought it was TOO funny!  I have seen some absurd headlines on the covers of tabloid magazines…but I think this one takes the cake!


In case you can’t fully make out the headline: “20 Stars at Risk.  Who’ll Die First!”  Really?  It’s both sad and funny at the same time.  I seriously can’t imagine why an article would be written about who will die first?!  I feel bad for the person who was voted number one…;)


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2 responses to “Marvelous times + marvelous future travels (MIMM)

  1. pieceofcaitlin

    December 9, 2013 at 1:00 am

    It snowed here today too! deff got me in the spirit! and congrats on your new opportunity at work! I leave right outside the city, more so by valley forge national park.. enjoy Philly!<3


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