Learning to live (MIMM)

26 Jan

Happy Monday to all you lovely people!  Since it’s Monday, that means it’s that time of the week again to hook up with Katie for focusing on all the positives and marvelous things that we’ve been enjoying lately.  I love the whole concept of this link-up and try to never miss the opportunity to focus on the positives!  Since we are again freezing cold here in Wisconsin and gray and cloudy yet again (with snow!) I thought I’d start off this post with a little bit of sunshine to get the whole “happy” mood thing down pat! 🙂


Okay, I’m not going to lie, it took me FAR TOO LONG to find the perfect sun picture 😉  I needed the perfect cute little sun.  I think I finally picked a good one!  Anyways, now that we’ve got some sunshine to start off this post, which just makes everything feel so much better and happier and warmer, let’s get talking about all my marvelous things that I’ve been enjoying lately!

These.little.smooshies!  Guys, I am officially in love. ❤

2014-01-22 19.45.14 2014-01-24 21.00.17…heart melting!  They were watching a movie together with us.  Looks like Dexter is making a move on Meeko 😉  The whole stretch-your-arm-put-it-over-your-girl’s-shoulder bit.  Smooth Dexter, smooth! 🙂

Saturday morning, I woke up to snuggles with these little smooshies.  Best way to wake up on a Saturday morning, hands down!

2014-01-25 08.35.07

(Thank goodness you can only see half of my face…this is right after I woke up.  Meeko loves me regardless of how messy my hair is and how tired I look!)

2014-01-25 08.35.52 2014-01-25 08.43.41 2014-01-25 08.50.27

Two cats on one lap?  Not only did they provide me instant warmth, but I felt so much love.  Mums lap is big enough for both kitties 🙂

Scott slowly rolled out of bed, and we got ourselves ready for the day.  We had one thing we needed to get done during the day, which involved picking up his mom’s truck from the service shop.  We also decided we’d stop off at Snap Fitness to cancel our membership since we’ve recently invested in a treadmill and weren’t making use of our membership.  We decided on the spur of the moment that we’d go ice skating that afternoon.  Eek!  We had been talking so long about going and we were finally going to make it happen.  Guys, I have never ice skated before.  It was something I avoided so long because I was so afraid to do it, but not anymore.  We’ll talk a bit more on that later.

So we headed on out, bundled up in the freezing cold.  I love Scott all bundled up and with some scruff on his face.  He was not a happy camper having to fill up his car with gas in the cold, but he managed to get a half smile out!

2014-01-25 11.19.18

We made our way to the service store in the southside of Milwaukee where the truck was getting worked on.  I have to say that I really just enjoyed that drive with him.  We had a really good conversation and it was just nice spending time with him.  We had to wait a little bit since the truck had the check-engine light go on when Scott attempted to leave.  There waiting area  I found this:

2014-01-25 11.57.32

A waiting area with a PUZZLE?!?!  This is the first time I have ever seen a puzzle in a waiting area.  Best.idea.ever!  I was so excited when I saw this.  It reminded me just how much I love puzzles!  I never thought I would say this, but I actually was a bit disappointed when the truck was ready…I wanted to work on the puzzle some more! 😀  Oh well, it just made me want to start one of my own again.  So I think I’ll make that happen!

We stopped of at his mom’s place to drop off the truck.  It provided a great opportunity to see Max again, too!  We then made our way over to Eble Ice Arena in Brookfield.  It was time to get my ice skate on finally!  I avoided it long enough.  Truth be told, I was afraid to do it…anticipating that I’d end up breaking something since I am not very coordinated to begin with.  But for several reasons, I decided I needed to get that silly fear out of my system and just give it a go.  I realize that I need to make my life as enjoyable as possible and I don’t want to rule things out or hold myself from doing different things.  It’s time to experience my life fully!  I talked about that a bit in my last post.  Saturday morning I didn’t feel well, and I could have used that as an excuse not to go.  But I made up my mind that I was going to go no matter what.  I also want to try and experience things with Scott that I know he enjoys, and not say ‘no’ so easily to things because they may not be the first on my list of things I’d want to do.

2014-01-25 14.19.25 2014-01-25 18.05.28

All laced up!  AND my official penguin hand stamp!  This is the real deal, guys!

2014-01-25 14.19.32 cid_693

PROOF!  I was on the ice.  I didn’t just get some skates and sit on the sidelines 😉  The wall was my best friend for quite a long time.  Little kids, beep beep, amateur skater coming through.  I was terrified of leaving that wall.  But eventually I had no other choice as there were roadblocks present (i.e. people).  I thought about holding onto them as I passed their area on the wall, but thought they may not like that too much.  Scott was absolutely great with me.  He was so patient and helped me when I needed him too.  I fell a total of two times.  One great crash on my left knee and another one on my tooshy.  Good thing I’ve got some nice cushioning! 🙂

2014-01-25 14.50.56 2014-01-25 15.09.30

Scott is really good.  I let him have a some fun and skate around a bit when I needed a break.  It was really fun.  I had a great time.  It exhausted me in ways I didn’t expect.  I think the newness of it and using different muscles, etc. than I normally do just took a lot of me.  But I definitely want to go again sooner rather than later.  The more I do it, the more comfortable I’ll become.  I don’t want to let myself get “rusty”.

2014-01-25 15.30.17

He’s so cute! 😀

After skating, we made our way to the grocery store.  We had to pick up a few things since we were having his mom over for dinner and to meet our new addition to the family.  We planned to make our “signature dish” of chicken breast in cream of mushroom soup (with extra mushrooms) served with rice.  And our absolute favorite side of portobella mushrooms with cheese and seasoning on top.  The mushrooms get so tender and the cheese gets all melty.  Mmm.  While the food was cooking, I managed to get in my 2 mile run that I had planned for the day.  Then I discovered this sucker on my ankle:

2014-01-25 18.05.50

I think that’s how you know you’ve done your first attempt at ice-skating right!  Battle scars!  My knee also has this nice little lump on it.  It’s not bruised really, just nice and puffy and sore.  But it apparently wasn’t too bad since I could run just fine.

Dinner was a great success.  It turned out perfectly.  We watched Star Wars after.  I have to admit I’m not a fan, but his mom hadn’t ever seen them.  (WHAT?!?)  So since she was our guest, we let her pick.  It was a really great night.  The whole day was absolutely perfect.  I wanted to just enjoy it as much as I could.  I want to learn to enjoy the little things.  Even going to pick up the truck with Scott was so enjoyable.  It was such a rewarding day.

Okay, I want to talk a bit about my running.  I am SO happy to be running again! 😀  This is my new fraaaand


It feels so good to be back at it again!  This time I’ve found a schedule that I am committing myself to following.  Not that I will be rigid with my runs/when I get them in, but I will honor the pace at which it progresses and honor the rest days especially.  That was something I failed at in the past.  I also pushed myself way too hard and it caught up to me quickly.  The cheesy saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’ will be my mantra this time around.  I have no need to rush or hurry or push myself…I can really take my time and build up my mileage and work on my speed in time.  It feels good to honor that and recognize it.

My first week of runs:
Saturday 1/18: 2.5 miles
Sunday 1/19: 2.75 miles
Monday 1/20: off
Tuesday 1/21: 3 miles
Wednesday 1/22: 2.5 miles
Thursday 1/23: off
Friday 1/24: 4 miles
Saturday 1/25: 2 miles
Sunday 1/26: off

Plus I’m also fully aware that my stomach problems could be a hindrance in my ability to run long distances or for long periods of time.  So I’m not banking on being able to work up to half marathon status, but if I can do it, then I will be SO happy and so proud of myself.  That is my goal and I will work hard at it, but I will also be realistic about the potential limitations I may have and run into.

Sunday was an errand-running, church-going, easy day.  It was super relaxed which was exactly what I wanted it to be.  The weekend was absolutely awesome.  I needed it so bad.  Sadly, Sunday night is the last night that Scott will be staying with me over at the apartment for a WHOLE MONTH!  😦 😦 😦  His mom is going to visit a friend down in Arizona and since they have a puppy and a cat, he needs to be over there for them.  Since we now have two kitties, I need to stay over here for them.  It’s going to be a hard month, I think.  I’ve really been enjoying having him over here.  Things have been going well with us lately and it will be hard not having him around as much or seeing him as much.  😦  But hopefully the month will go fast and he’ll be back over here before I know it!

I think we need to give Monday a break this week, guys.  He has it pretty tough…



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8 responses to “Learning to live (MIMM)

  1. Julie

    January 27, 2014 at 2:59 am

    I’ve never gone ice skating! I still want to go even though it’s pretty warm here. And I would totally be working on that puzzle!

    • Little Miss Fit

      January 27, 2014 at 3:18 am

      You definitely should give it a shot! I think it’s something worth at least trying once. 🙂

      Puzzles are so fun! A perfect thing especially in winter when you don’t want to go outside haha

  2. jessielovestorun

    January 27, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Your whole weekend sounds fabulous! Can I just tell you how wonderful it is to see you & Scott getting a long so well. Had you never mentioned a divorce on here, I would’ve never guessed you two had problems. So happy you guys have worked through your differences, because darling you guys are adorable ❤

    • Little Miss Fit

      January 27, 2014 at 1:10 pm

      It was absolutely wonderful. Just what I needed! Aw thank you girl! I am so happy, too. Things have been going so well and it just feels great! ❤

  3. Natasha

    January 27, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    Yay for ice skating. One of my favorite things to do in the winter. I was born in Toronto, so we used to skate allll the time and I took a few years of figure skating lessons. My sister kept with it though, so when I became a swimmer and runner, she became an AMAZING figure skater. I’m talking triple jumps! Unfortunately b/c she won’t qualify for the olympics, she doesn’t compete anymore, but it amazing to watch her dominate!!

    Nice that you had such a fun weekend!!!

    And good for you for getting back into running. I understand the feeling of being so happy to get back into running shape 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Little Miss Fit

      January 28, 2014 at 2:12 am

      I admire people like your sister. There was a girl probably about the age of 10 or 11 who was figure skating. She was awesome. Makes me more motivated to at least learn basic skating skills haha

      Thanks girl! It feels absolutely wonderful! So glad I’m back.

      Hope you had a great day too hun! 😀

  4. princessbunnycakes

    January 28, 2014 at 3:56 am

    You make me want to try ice skating! I went roller skating once as a child. Once. And, like you, I just wanted to cling to the wall!!

    Anyway, that sounds like a super fun weekend. I would like to say one thing that has been on my mind for a long time: You have the most beautiful skin EVER. I’m shocked that you live in a cold climate and have such stunning, glowing skin. Okay, actually not that shocked, as you’re a beautiful woman.

    I hope you’re feeling well and want you to know that you’re very much admired and supported! 🙂

    • Little Miss Fit

      January 29, 2014 at 2:45 am

      You should definitely give it a shot! If I can do it then anyone certainly can! 😀

      It was just what I needed. A good combination of fun and relaxation. Thank you! You would think that my skin would be awful with the weather. My hands are always dry though. I try to put lotion on as much as possible but the wind and cold is just brutal.

      I take it a day at a time, that’s the best that I can do! Thanks for your encouragement and kind words. You are much too sweet hun! ❤


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