The marvelous in the not so marvelous (MIMM)

10 Feb

It’s the end of the weekend already!  I don’t know about you, but my weekend literally fleeeeeeew by!  I’m sad to see it come to an end, but I definitely had a good weekend and am ready to tackle a new week!  As always, linking up with Katie for link-up Marvelous in My Monday!  I have to say that if you don’t like her on facebook, you definitely should do so!  I love the things she posts!


This is going to be a relatively short post, or shorter than my usual excessively-chit-chatty post that I usually have on my MIMM.  But, maybe that’s for the best for all of you! 😛  First things first, I’ve been thinking seriously about starting a new blog.  I’m not quit sure if I will follow through with it, or not, but it’s definitely something I’ve been really considering.  It would be solely about my experimentation with food and eating and meal planning, etc.  I really need a huge shake-up to what I’m doing now.  I was inspired by another blogger and have thought about using that as my outlet to share things pertaining to my learning process with different types of food.  As you know, I’ve talked a lot on here about my digestive issues and am keenly aware of some MAJOR changes I need to be making.  I have no idea what my diet is really going to be like, so it is definitely going to be a learning process, with constant changes and tweaks…but I need somewhere to kind of “vent” or keep myself in check, so I don’t get off track with things.  Especially now that I’m working on running, I don’t want to allow myself to lose focus with a key important factor, which is proper nutrition.  Okay, end rant.  I’ll keep you posted!

Saturday I had a lazy start to my morning, which was pretty fabulous.  I did a lot of research on foods and IBS and came up with a pretty solid list of foods to avoid and foods I can include.  Super informative.  Around 11, I decided I had to get myself on ready for the day.  I decided spontaneously to ask my brother and his wife if they wanted to go to the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee and they said yes.  No photography inside, but I took some outside!


CAM00966 CAM00963

CAM00960 CAM00962

We took a tour of the mansion, which was insane!  It’s five stories (including a basement and extensive attic), but we only tour 2 of the floors that are open to the public.  Everything inside is either hand-carved or hand-painted.  It was SO impressive!  I got some goodies after our tour.  A pilsner glass for Scott, since he’s a collector.  And the CUTEST little roll of mints ever! 😀  Pabst, of course!

CAM00974 CAM00976

After the tour, we went to the mall for a little while just to walk around.  I did stop at GNC to get some papaya enzyme (good for digestion!) and scored 2-for-1.  Bam.  I was really excited about this, probably a teensie bit more than I should have been! 😉

Also, thanks to this lovely gal here, I grabbed up my DSLR camera again this weekend.  I don’t know why I have just been letting this thing sit around collecting dust.  Seriously, there is something magical that happens when I pick up that camera!  Once I start, I don’t want to put the thing down.  It is such an awesome feeling.  I am so glad I picked it up again and definitely want to make more use of it and get to know more about it.  It’s definitely something that makes me feel really happy and something I really enjoy.  So I can’t wait to explore it some more.  Sadly, I can’t share any of the pictures I took this weekend since my desktop is at Scott’s mom’s house this month and my laptop’s SD card reader does not work.  😦  But trust me, when I can, I will be sharing! 😀

And to the not so marvelous…Scott’s been staying at his mom’s place this month since she’s out of town.  He’s been sequestered in the pool room which is a wonderful heat source, so in order to save on the heating bill, he shut off the heat to the house.  He decided it’d be good to turn the heat back on recently since it had been off for a while and it had been pretty cold.  And as a result….a pipe burst.  😦  It burst in the master bedroom, which fortunately isn’t used as a bedroom and just a storage room mostly.  The whole carpet got soaked and Scott spent all Saturday night and the majority of Sunday trying to soak up some of the water.  I went over to help as much as I could.  I got water-sucking duty while he tried to fix the break in the pipe.  By the time I left, we finally think we got the pipe soldered off.  We’ll see if it holds!  Cross your fingers!

CAM00980 CAM00987

While it was pretty unfortunate that it happened, and while we both would have loved to have done something else with our Sunday evening, we still made the best of it and actually really enjoyed just having that time together.  I actually had a really nice time learning how to solder the pipe and just having that time with Scott.

And because it wouldn’t be a true post without it, I have to do the obligatory kitty picture 🙂




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2 responses to “The marvelous in the not so marvelous (MIMM)

  1. Julie

    February 10, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    Wow, that’s a tour I’d like to go on!


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