There’s always something marvelous (MIMM)

09 Mar

I can’t even believe just how fast the weekend has gone again.  It always seems to come and go so quickly.  The last few days have been a little…all over the place.  There’s been a lot of good, and a lot of not so great things, but overall it was a good weekend for me.  A huge shout-out and thank you to Katie for hosting the marvelous party each week!


This past week at work had been pretty rough on me.  I was getting WAY overwhelmed with all the work I had mounting up…and on top of that, all of my claim files that I was working on were so difficult and I was at a point with all of the files where I wasn’t quite sure the next route to take.  I really felt like I wasn’t able to do my job…that being a claims’ adjuster just wasn’t for me.  Fortunately for me, I  have some really awesome co-workers (and bosses!) that I can talk to pretty openly about any struggles I have.  A co-worker gave me a little positive note (his writing is awful – I tease him all of the time!) reminding me that my supervisor has been there for 23 years and has almost 200 claim files, and I’ve only been a claims’ adjuster for 1 year and have about 80 files myself.  He reminded me that it is all relative and that I shouldn’t feel like I’m not contributing or holding my own.  It was a simple thought, but it did help me feel a bit better!

CAM01513 - Copy

Thursday night, I had the chance to spend some time with my brother and his wife, which I was really happy about!  I love spending time with them and I feel like I don’t do it nearly enough.  Milwaukee has a place called The Domes, or the Mitchell Park Horticulture Conservatory (as it’s formally called).  They have three huge domes with different themes, one is tropical, one is the desert, and the other is a theme that changes throughout the year.  On Thursday nights from November through March, they host Music Under the Glass.  They have music of different kinds and put on a colored-light show.  This was my first time going and I will definitely go again!




Meanwhile, while I was out and about having a fun time listening to the music, watching all of the older people dance (and dance horribly, but not even care!), and hanging out, Scott ended up having to take his mom to the ER.  She had been throwing up repeatedly and wasn’t feeling well at all.  After we made our way back home from The Domes, I was planning on meeting up with Scott at the hospital, yet I started feeling really nauseous and dizzy on the way home.  They dropped me off at home, I laid down for a little bit in hopes I’d feel a bit better and ready to drive, and told Scott I’d make my way over in short order.  Yet, I didn’t end up feeling any better.  When I even made a move to sit up, I felt awful.  He told me to just stay in and rest up.  I think I got car-sick, actually, on the way home.  I ended up falling asleep shortly after.

Scott updated me as much as he could, and ended up heading home shortly after midnight when he found out his mom was staying the night.  They were going to run some tests the next day, since they didn’t really know what the problem was.  He ended up going back to his mom’s house to be there for the dog, and only got about 4 hours sleep Thursday night/Friday morning before having to go to work the next day.  The tests that were run indicated she had two abscesses, one near her lung and adrenal gland, and also has an ulcer.  She was feeling much better, though.  Friday night Scott and I had previously had plans to go on a double date with a co-worker of his, and his fiancee.  Scott still wanted to go, since his mom told us she didn’t need us there, and even though he was tired, he didn’t want us to change our plans.  So we went to the Admirals game and ended up having a really good time.



I had to snap a picture of this…This was the first time I’ve ever seen something like this at a sporting event.  Usually you get your normal sport-event-type-foods…but I guess things are changing even in the sporting event eating world!  A gluten free food vendor! 🙂


We called his mom on the way home, she was feeling much better, yet she was to stay there another night just to keep her monitored and to run some extra tests the next day.

Saturday morning I woke up pretty early, since the cats were rambunctious and making SO much noise.  I wasn’t feeling all that great, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to follow through with getting my long run in (which I usually do on Saturday mornings) but decided I’d at least try, and see how far I could get.  I ended up doing what I planned…nine miles!  Ah!  Me?!  Nine miles?!  That is huge for me!  I was so happy and proud of myself.  The last mile was really rough, but I stuck to it and kept a steady pace.  It was awesome.  Just as I was finishing my run, Scott texted me and told me that now he had thrown up and had…well (to put it mildly) a very uneasy and upset stomach.  😦  Poor guy.

I had to quickly shower, get myself dressed and out the door since I needed to take my car to get an oil change and tire rotation, and only had a short window of time until I was planning to meet up with my parents since we were going to see a movie.  While I was waiting at the car place, I read an article about Breaking Bad in a magazine, which was one of my favorite shows ever.  I saw this and thought it was so funny.  Under ‘Jesse’ it said he had an awkward dinner at the White house.  I’d seen every episode and they never went to the White house?!  (For anyone familiar with the show, you know just how far-fetched that idea really is)  When I continued to read, I realized….”oh, not that White house.”  The main character’s last name is White.  Tehe.  I thought the meth makers had visited Mr. President at The White House.  Oh, silly me. 😉


After finishing up at the car place, I went to see a movie with my parents.  They had expressed their interest in going to see Son of God.  I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing it, but I did want to go and spend some time with my parents.  Things with my faith have been a little rocky, to put it extremely mildly, but I decided to go with them anyway.  It was a pretty good movie, and one part really stuck with me…and really got me thinking a lot.  I won’t really go into detail on that now, maybe in a different post in the future, but it did really get me thinking.  (Side note: I always save my movie stubs.  I write the names of the people I go with on the back and store them in a little chocolate tin.  I’ve done this for years.  I love it!)


The rest of the evening I spent with the kitties.  Scott was still feeling icky and his mom was still in the hospital that night, so he stayed over by his mom’s house to watch the dog…which meant it was me and the little boogers.  It was just a quiet night in.  No complaints. 🙂

Sunday morning I got up bright and early, started some laundry, knocked out five miles on the mill, and got myself ready for the day.  These little boogers were enjoying their lazy Sunday morning…


I got my errands and grocery shopping done, went to church by myself, and then on my way home, I stopped over by Scott’s mom’s house since she just got home from the hospital.  I spent a little time with them.  She was feeling much better…Scott was feeling okay, his stomach still a little unsettled.  We decided he’d stay over by his mom’s for one more night so I said my goodbyes and then went on my way.  I stopped by my parents house in the evening, got some food prepped for the week, and then just relaxed the rest of my Sunday night.  All in all, a really fast, whirlwind weekend yet again.  But despite the not-so-great hospital visits and sicknesses, it was a really nice weekend.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to enjoy more daylight hours now!  Yippie!  Spring is on it’s way…. 😉


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2 responses to “There’s always something marvelous (MIMM)

  1. jessielovestorun

    March 11, 2014 at 2:22 am

    I am so sorry to hear about Scott’s mother. It’s never easy to see your Mom (or any love one) in pain and laying in the hospital bed. Glad you’ve started to feel better by the end of the weekend. Congrats on busting out those 5 miles. Rockstar!

    • Little Miss Fit

      March 11, 2014 at 3:46 am

      Thanks hun. It is always tough, especially to see your parents get older. But helps us to enjoy the good moments we do have together that much more!

      Hope you had a great Monday! ❤


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