Take a gamble (MIMM)

24 Mar

Hello loves!  I know I haven’t been blogging as much lately and there are a few different reasons for that.  But I simply cannot miss out on my favorite weekly link-up, no matter how scarce my posts have been lately.  I always love doing a little recap or focusing on some of the highlights of my week.  Thanks to Katie, for always hosting such an upbeat, positive link-up each week.  ❤


Last week had been a pretty busy week for me.  It was also a pretty tough week, too.  I started out the week with an appointment with the therapist I hadn’t seen since November.  I really needed to check in again.  I shared with her everything that has been going on in my life over the last few months and shared the reason for my contacting her again.  As I’ve shared on here in the past, binging has been a huge stumbling-block for me lately.  No matter how much I tell myself I will not give in, I seem almost powerless in the moment and the worst part?  I can’t properly identify why I really give in to the urge to binge or why it comes over me at night.  But we talked about it and she actually had a very interesting perspective on it and highlighted a path she thought we could start taking together in therapy again.  It was definitely not an angle I anticipated us taking things ever, but I do think it’s an important and potentially very key piece of the puzzle.  So, it should be interesting to see how things progress.

I have also stumbled upon an online group that just started by these wonderful ladies.  I first found or heard of Where I Stand during the month of February for Eating Disorder Awareness Month.  They hosted an online, monthly Facebook event that you could send in your pictures of why you were working toward recovery and why you choose to wear purple (the color designated to recovery).  I loved their message and idea and just happened to find that they now have an online support-group of sorts for those who are actively working toward recovery yet face setbacks and struggles.  It’s a wonderful place to get a little pick-me-up and talk with other women who are pushing forward in recovery despite the obstacles and set backs they have.  They pose challenges and talk about goals and ways to push through the obstacles.  I’ve already “met” so many wonderfully inspiring women in this group and we cheer each other on with each success and give each other tips and a change of perspective when we need a little boost after a setback.  I am so happy to have found this group.


The rest of the week was full of work and evening runs and the normal every-day stuff.  Admittedly, I’ve been pushing myself a bit more this week and it’s been a bit emotional for me.  But I was really thankful for the end of the week to come.  Friday night, Scott and I ended up cleaning the whole apartment top-to-bottom and I got laundry done, too.  I usually never do anything very productive on Friday nights, but we both wanted to free up the weekend and it felt really great to get all of that done Friday night.  It felt super rewarding to finally plop down on the couch after taking a nice, relaxing shower.  The perfect end to the week!

I woke up Saturday morning, didn’t feel all too great (tummy-wise) but allowed myself a while to wake up.  I wanted to get a long run in, but waited until my stomach settled down some.  I started feeling much better and ended up knocking out 11 miles!!!  YAY!  I actually contemplated going for the full 13.1, just because I was feeling pretty strong, but time was very quickly passing away and I had still a whole lot of things I wanted to get done yet!

So I stopped at 11, showered, freshened up a bit and then headed out!  I think it was about 2:30 by the time I finally got out of the house!  I had a plan to knock out a lot of errands that I needed to get done.  I went to get my emissions test done for my car, ran to the library with just a few minutes before closing to get a few things, then went to the police station to get fingerprinted (again!) for something for work.  I had to get fingerprinted in order to get licensed for my job in Texas and apparently my last set of fingerprints were rejected by the FBI…really?!  My imprint was too faint, so I had to redo them.  After that, I stopped at Target and Kohls, then got my grocery shopping done.  I stopped home to unload the groceries, then had 2 more stops to make.

I decided that I was going to get a photo-editing software program since I’ve been really wanting to jump into photography more.  So I went to Best Buy to look around a while.  I was torn between the more basic Photoshop Elements 12 and Photoshop Lightroom 5.  I wasn’t very knowledgeable or advanced at this point to really know if I should go for the more advanced version, or stick to the simpler version now and then upgrade when I get better/more knowledgeable, but I ended up calling Scott to ask about system requirements for the software and then asked his opinion.  This is what I ended up getting…


Yep, I took a gamble on myself!  I decided to go for the more advanced software in the hope and belief that I would be able to learn enough about it and be able to use it as fully as possible in the future.  Scott made an interesting comparison that made my decision easy.  He said when he bought the camera he bought for me, he didn’t get a middle of the road camera for me and then get a bigger, more advanced camera.  He said he knew what he wanted me to be able to do and use, so he got the more advanced camera right away to let me have all of the abilities right away.  I knew that I wanted to advance and progress and take a chance on myself and my ability, so I decided to go for the more advanced version.  I’m super excited about it.  I literally got home, opened it up and installed it right away.  Speaking of opening it up, I felt like the package was one of those Russian nesting dolls…each box I opened, I thought would be the last, but there was always another one to open!


Dexter came to help a girl out!  Then Meeko did…


I swear, these cats are the most curious things ever.  Anything new they need to check out and investigate right away!  They are too funny and too cute 🙂

After tinkering around on the computer a bit, Scott had finished up his run and I was ready to spend some time with him!  We didn’t hang out all day and I was really looking forward to spending the evening with him.  (Quick side note, I am SO glad that Scott started running again.  It is definitely something that I want us to be able to enjoy together.  I know we had always talked about running together and doing races together, and this year I think it will FINALLY HAPPEN!  YAY!!!)  So we chatted a bit, talked about our days and decided that we were both perfectly content staying in for the evening and relaxing together while enjoying a movie.  We ended up picking 21 Grams to watch, a movie that I recently snagged at Half Price Books (clearly, not just a book store) and hunkered down on the couch.  At first we weren’t sure if we’d end up liking it but were sooo glad we stuck with it.  It was SUCH a great movie!  Plus, as soon as we plopped ourselves on the couch, the cats immediately came to us.  Dexter gravitated to Scott and Meeko came right to me!  Even when we got up during the movie, they left and came right back.  I couldn’t have had a better end to a super productive and accomplished day!

CAM01686 CAM01691

Sunday was a pretty chill day.  We went to church in the morning, which we usually do in the afternoon.  But it freed up the rest of the day.  It was a chilly day, but I loved seeing the sun shining.  It just made the day feel so much better!  I got myself ready to go meet up a friend I hadn’t seen in so long.  We made plans to go to the mall.  I totally loved my outfit and felt the need to take a picture, or two 😉


It was a good afternoon.  The rest of the day flew by.  I ran a few more errands, stopped by my parents’ place, and then snuggled with Scott and the kitties the rest of the night.  It was a good end to a good weekend!  I hope you all had a good one, too!  Let’s get the week off to a good start!  Happy Monday! ❤

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