there’s a world of beauty

12 Apr

I have found that even in the darkest of times, the darkest of days, there is still beauty that remains in the world.  This week in the news there were several heartbreaking, troubling stories.  We hear so often of mass violence that takes place in locations that were once viewed as safe: schools.  We see accidents that rip lives from the earth as if they are of no consequence.  We see hardship and struggle on a global basis, and on a very personal basis.  It can quickly become overwhelming and demoralizing.  We may wonder why these things are happening, will things ever improve?  Or will the darkness continue to worsen and swallow us whole?  I can admit this is a thought that has filled me with many doubts and questions in the past, but I have been eagerly working on reaffirming my faith and belief in God and that there is a bigger purpose for us than what we even are able to comprehend or understand.  I truly do believe that there is more to life and that the darkness we experience is only momentary.  I also firmly believe that God gives us things, in our daily life, that make life beauteous.  Oftentimes we may be too blind to see those things, however.  Lately, I’ve been trying to learn to open my eyes to see it…to see the beauty that we do have.  I think my camera has been a wonderful tool to allow me to try and open my eyes and see that there is more out there than darkness. We have been blessed with so much and we often take for granted the things we have, focusing on all of the bad.  This week, I have been able to enjoy so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  This week, especially, they seem to have been needed.  With all the darkness in the news, a little bit of light, a glimmer of hope, was sorely needed.  I am thankful I had my eyes open enough to see it.





It can be hard to be appreciative of the little things when we become so consumed with all of the bad things.  Life will never become easier, the trials we experience, the problems we see in the world will continue to occur.  Yet, I try to remember that God’s intention was always for us to enjoy life.  While I believe there is a bigger plan in store for us, I choose to appreciate the little things we still have today that God provides for us.  I view the sunrise and sunset as gifts.  Clouds may prevent us from seeing a sunrise or sunset on any given day, but that makes the moments we do see them, even more enjoyable and beautiful.  Even in the darkness, there is light…if you choose to open your eyes to see it.  I encourage you, open your eyes.

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