me, as a parent

19 Apr

Hello loves, I am fortunate to have a nice 3-day weekend, since my company gave us off work for Good Friday.  Yippie!  I know I am pretty fortunate, since my brother and best friend both had to work, as did many others.  But I definitely appreciated the day off!

I left work a little early on Thursday since I had to do some big-girl stuff and stopped at the car dealership to renew my warranty.  I’ve already had my car for three years!  It feels like I just got that car not long ago.  That is probably still one of the proudest purchases of my life.  I had been saving up money for a long time and fortunately I was able to use my parent’s old car to get some trade-in value to use towards the new car.  I was able to purchase the car and have no financial obligation to monthly payments or anything.  It was one of the best feelings, and I felt really happy in that moment that my dad pushed so much for me to save my money!  One thing I appreciate about my dad, much more now that I am an adult, is the fact that he taught both myself and my brother the importance of saving money and planning financially.  As a kid or teen, you never understand why it’s so important to save, when all you want to do is spend.  But he created such a great foundation for us and instilled that in us at a young age.  I am forever thankful for that.  Had he not been that way, I don’t think I’d have a good head on my shoulders when it comes to financial planning and money.  I still go to him now for help with 401k mumbo jumbo (since it is all foreign to me) and anytime I need help with anything else regarding my finances.  He’s the best.  He absolutely LOVES it, too.  He’s definitely a planner and a numbers’ guy.

Anywho, sorry for that minor little tangent!  Phew.  Pull yourself together, girl…stay on track… 😉 The rest of Thursday was pretty chill.  I knocked out a 5-miler, and spent the evening over by my parents.  It was a good end to the week.  I was SO glad we had a short week.  I just was not in the work-mentality this week.  It was a struggle to get through some days, just because I felt my mind was all over the place.  So Friday off was SO welcome.

Friday morning, bright and early, we had made an appointment to take both of our kitties in to the vet.  Dexter needed his rabies vaccine and another vaccination.  Meeko needed blood work, her rabies vaccine and she was also getting spayed.  It was her first outing to the vet, and a rather traumatic one too!  I had a minor panic attack Thursday night when I realized Meeko was 8 months old and a lot of what I had read (that night) said you should do it when the kitten is 6 months old or younger.  I did more research and found it was okay to do it later than 6 months.  But I was still anxious and had a really hard time sleeping.  I was up bright and early around 6 or 6:30.  I just couldn’t sleep.  We were literally at the vet for about 10 minutes.  Dexter got his shots and got to come home with me.  Meeko got put under, the vet said farewell to us, and told us we could come back around 5:30 to get her.  I had no idea we’d have to leave her there…I really did not do enough research, clearly, on everything that having a pet spayed entailed.  But I left her in the care of the vet and would come back later on.

Scott left to go over to his mom’s place to do some work, so it was just me and Dexter.  I pounded out an 8 mile run and then spent some time with Dexter.  I was worried about him, since the sheet the vet gave me said that there could be complications with the vaccinations.  I noticed his breathing patterns were changing often, so I called the vet just to make sure that it wasn’t anything to worry about.  The vet assured me he was just fine, and if he was having any problems with the vaccination, he would have been vomiting, diarrhea and face swelling.  He didn’t have any of those symptoms at all, so it put my mind at ease.  He was a really tuckered out guy though.  We spent some time snuggling in the sun and then he found his cozy spot on the couch (which is also my favorite place, too!)


While running, I realized that my brother was working today, which meant that Jessa was home alone.  Since I had a little free time in the afternoon before I had to go and pick up Meeko from the vet, I decided to have her over to see Dexter and spend the afternoon with her.  She loves Dexter and hadn’t seen him in a long time, plus I hadn’t spent any one-on-one time with her in so long.  So it was well overdue.  I realized just how much her English has already improved!  (That combined with me learning to understand her more) But we had a really great conversation and it was pretty much effortless.  We talked for about three hours about so much and it was just so nice.  She shared so much about her home in the Philippines, animals they had as pets, and shared pictures with me of her family.  I felt like I got to know her so much more in those 3 hours than I had in many of the other times we spent together.  It was just listening to her talk and share things from her life and her family and it was really moving, actually.  I love the girl so much.  She is so endearing, humble, kindhearted and sweet.  I couldn’t have asked for a better sister-in-law (or seester, as we tend to call each other)


This was from the first time we met!  My brother and I flew out to LA to pick her up, since she was flying to the US to come over here to stay.  She was so shy and quiet at first, but I immediately liked her.  She was just as sweet when we first met and so kind.  She’s been here about 8 months and our relationship has improved so much already!  She was so appreciative that I had her over and spent the afternoon with her.  She kept thanking me and gave me two big hugs.  So cute.  She’s just like a little sister to me.

Well the afternoon quickly flew by and it was time to go pick up Meeko.  I really had no idea what to expect when I got her, but I was just really glad to take her home.  Well I got a list of instructions for Meeko and her medication.  After picking her up, I made a stop at a pet store to get a cone for her to wear so she wouldn’t try and lick the incision area.  I didn’t want to get her the normal plastic ones and ended up getting her a more cushion-y one so it wouldn’t be so uncomfortable for her.


I seriously love that the vet calls them Dexter Sutherland and Meeko Sutherland.  It literally made me smile.  These little boogers are my family.  They’re my babies.

When I got Meeko home, I opened up her crate and she was like a drunk.  She was stumbling all over and so disoriented.  I ended up closing her up in the bedroom since I was so worried about Dexter trying to play with her, or Meeko trying to explore too much, too soon.  After letting her out, I then jumped online to see what I should be doing.  I apparently should have left her in there for a while, if not overnight.  Boy, I felt like such a bad mum.  I did not do hardly any research on what to do, what to expect, etc. and started feeling pretty bad about it.  It was so hard seeing little Meeko like that. 😦  I literally felt so sad.  She was so out of it, and stumbling around, and I fortunately managed to get the cone on her by myself.  She ended up stumbling around a bit, then ended up falling asleep right in front of the door, since Dexter was trying to reach under the door to get to her.  I had to stuff a slipper under the door so she could sleep in peace.


That also meant I was trapped in the bedroom.  But I was okay with that.  She eventually got up and went to hide and sleep under the bed.  I was really anxious about everything.  We had made plans to have Scott’s mom over for a movie, which I still wanted to do.  We had a really nice time and ended up watching Lee Daniels’: The Butler.  I had to get up and check on her a few times, but she was fine under the bed sleeping.  At the end of the movie, I went to check on her and there she was…laying right on the edge of the bed.  The first few hours and she already jumped on the bed! 😦  She isn’t supposed to do any jumping at all.  Now, worry-wort mom that I am, started to get even more anxious about how we’d keep her from jumping.  We had the idea to use a big dog crate or a kennel they had at his mom’s house.  So when he went to drop her off at home after the movie, he came back with a big metal dog kennel to try and keep her in.  It was big enough for a litter box, food, water, and a pillow/blanket for her to sleep on.  We ended up getting her in there before bed, but she was NOT having it.  She started to freak out and knocked her water over, and tried climbing the sides, so we let her out.  😦  I ended up sleeping on the floor in case she wanted to come by me, so she wouldn’t have to jump up on the bed.  I am pretty certain she spent the majority of the night under the bed though.  I slept pretty decent, but couldn’t sleep much more past 7 or so.  I looked under the bed and that face was staring right back at me.  Gah, I love her so much.


She ate a teensie bit when I tried to give her some food, so I thought this was my chance to try and get her to take her medication.  I crushed up a pill, put it in some wet cat food.  She took a few little bites, but left most of it.  Sigh.  Now I’m worried that I won’t be able to get her to take her pills.  I am so thankful that the extent of my parenting will be limited to four-legged creatures.  I don’t think I could handle much more…We’ll see how the rest of the weekend goes…


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2 responses to “me, as a parent

  1. jessiebearwhat

    April 26, 2014 at 2:12 pm

    Awwwwww your poor baby! She looks so sweet in that last pic


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