Trusting the process – WIAW

18 Jun

I’ve been enjoying many many tasty eats recently!  So I thought I’d join up with the tasty eating party over at Peas & Crayons for WIAW!


Breakfasts have been pretty dang consistent lately because I am absolutely in LOVE with what I’ve been having.  Yogurt mixed with cereal has been so tasty lately!  I missed yogurt so so much and I am so happy I’ve welcomed it back (with open arms!)  Plus, it just seems to be so refreshing now that warm/hot weather has finally made its way to Wisconsin!  I usually throw some almonds and dried fruit/raisins in the mix…but now love that a lot more fruit is in season, so I can add in some fresh fruit, too!  I’ve been adding in fresh, chilled grapes this week and I am loving them!  Especially since summer air has rolled in with hot and humid temps!




My morning snack lately has been unsalted saltines.  (That sounds funny, doesn’t it?  The cracker’s root word is ‘salt’ and they are unsalted.  So maybe these should just be called ‘ines’?!?  Why did I not go into marketing/advertising?  ;))  They have just hit the spot lately.  Sometimes I’ll pair them with peanut butter, other times I just like ’em plain.  But the days I have them plain do very little to fill my tummy, so I usually dig into lunch a bit earlier on those days.


Lunches are pretty plain jane.  I’m the master of sandwiches.  But, you know what?  I flippin’ love sandwiches!  I don’t care that they are simple and pretty boring and uneventful.  They are tasty!  I love the turkey, mayo and hummus combo I’ve been having lately.  I try to always include a veggie with lunch and milk.  My favorite veggies are carrots, sliced peppers and tomatoes…sometimes just one, sometimes all three!  Adding milk has been a HUGE change for me.  I never had anything with calcium while I was restricting and know that due to my ED my bone health took a hit.  So I’ve been working really hard to get natural, food-based forms of calcium into my diet again, instead of relying on calcium supplements alone.


Afternoon snacks can be the ‘grab a little bit of this, a little bit of that’ type of scenario.  I get munchy, but not sure what I’m really in the mood for so grab a bite of this and a bit of that.  Sometimes some cereal, sometimes some kettle corn, sometimes carrots.  Carrots and hummus is always a good pairing.  I will usually always have a granola bar and some trail mix packed along too.  Those are my usual go-tos, just because of the convenience and because I virtually will always have these things around the house or packed with me!


Dinners have been pretty simple lately.  I usually opt for quick dinners since I have a lot I try and fit in in the evenings.  Taking time to cook and prepare meals has not really been my thing.  Although, I definitely appreciate and understand the importance of prepared meals.  But, sometimes quick meals can be just as satisfying!


Chicken with balsamic vinegar and quinoa, side salad with italian dressing, milk.


Chicken marsala with pasta, side salad with italian dressing, milk


Turkey and cheese sub, pasta salad, fresh fruit


Quinoa with chicken and the BEST seasoning, peppers with hummus, milk

Speaking of the best seasoning ever….yeah, this stuff makes everything taste awesome!


I mix it in with anything and everything, seriously!


Panda Express mushroom chicken, string bean chicken, rice, and mixed veggies

My evening ‘snacks’ have still been a weak point for me and my hardest and most-lingering behavior I still have and struggle with in my recovery.  I have successfully gone 30+ days with eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner and most often including morning, afternoon, and evening snacks, as I promised my parents I’d do for my gift to them for their anniversary.  But I have had a hard time, still, letting go of the binging at night.  I am going “double or nothing” and going for another 30 days with my meals and eating…this time though, I’m placing special emphasis on changing my nights up so that I start to really reduce and eventually entirely eliminate my binges at night.

So instead of sharing with you what my normal binges look like (because lets be honest, there is nothing awesome about it or worth sharing), I’ll share the snack I had Monday night, the first night I successfully implemented my plan of going to bed early when my husband does (which NEVER happens!) since I will binge when he’s asleep, and waking up early the following morning to get my workout in first thing in the morning.  Half a serving of pretzels.  Yep, just plain old gluten free pretzels.  (Not really on a gluten free diet, but I bought them and actually like them better than normal pretzels because they are much crunchier!)  That was ALL.


Knowing what I normally eat when I binge, to what I did have is SUCH a huge contrast.  I felt amazing.  I had a bit of a harder time settling in to bed, since I’m used to going to bed feeling really full, but fell asleep much quicker than I thought I would.  I woke up bright and early and also got my workout in for the day.  It felt great.  My hunger has been really revved up from a combination of not eating much before bed and working out in the morning, and I am OVERJOYED!  This is what I have been working sooooo hard for.  Eating healthy and balanced meals and snacks, exercising in moderation, and feeling good.  I really want to keep this up so I’m going to do everything in my power to do so!  In seeing just how great I feel after one night, I have to keep pushing forward.  The feeling is too sweet to let go of.  I will fight with every ounce of my being!

So that’s what’s up in the world of my eats.  I can’t wait to munch on some more goodies and get more comfortable with eating more during the day and less at night!  It’s exciting to be excited about food! 😉


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12 responses to “Trusting the process – WIAW

  1. Miss Polkadot

    June 18, 2014 at 12:42 pm

    Yay! It’s awesome to read how good you feel even after just starting out with your new evening plan already! Also congrats on eating all three mains meals for 30 days in a row. That’s a huge step and I know you can keep going and reduce or even eliminate the night binges, too. You’ve proven to yourself how well you’re doing.
    I remember having a hard time getting back into the swing of things not skipping breakfast and eating proper meals, too. Looking back now, though, it’s SO worth it. It really gets easier by the day and this: “It’s exciting to be excited about food!” <- yes! Trying new foods, becoming freer in your choices and just enjoying life and food is amazing.

    • Little Miss Fit

      June 18, 2014 at 12:48 pm

      Thanks so much!! I’ve gone two nights in a row following my evening plan and it just feels SO good. This morning I was just thinking about how huge of a difference I feel waking up happy, not feeling sick or depressed or down on myself because of binging the night before. I feel energized for the day and just completely optimistic that I can do this! It’s such a great feeling!!

      You are so right. Sometimes in the moment it doesn’t feel worth it; worth all the pain and struggle. But when you look back at the progress, from where you once were to where you are now…you can definitely see just how worth it it really is!

      Glad to hear that you’re doing good too! xox

  2. ilikekitties

    June 18, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Yay! I’m not the only one having a glass of milk with my dinner every night (it’s part of my meal plan). Looks like you’re doing fantastic! Keep it up, whatever you do try to stay as consistent as possible. Just the slightest misstep and it’s hard to get back on track. But it’s very much worth it in the long-run!

    • Little Miss Fit

      June 18, 2014 at 11:54 pm

      I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of milk, but the more I’ve been having it the more I’m getting to be okay with it. Just kind of a boring drink, but I know it’s really good for me. Plus, like you, it’s on my meal plan 🙂

  3. di @ life of di.

    June 18, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    Pregnancy has really helped with my binges (not suggesting this is how you beat them 😉 ); however, I still struggle in the evenings from time to time. I think the binges have actually shifted into emotional eating. I typically binge when I’m arguing with Marty or have had a really stressful day. Again, I haven’t done this a ton but it has been enough to notice.

    One of the ways I started to overcome the evening binge was by just going upstairs straight after dinner or my nighttime walk. I knew that being downstairs wasn’t a good place for me to be as I would tend to wander into the kitchen around 9PM. Now, if I’m actually hungry, I’ll just send Marty downstairs to grab me an apple that I eat in bed! 🙂

    I’m so happy that you’re making so much progress. It has to be so encouraging to you and your family!! ❤

    • Little Miss Fit

      June 18, 2014 at 11:57 pm

      I’ll give Scott the hint 😉

      You are absolutely right, though. I think the big difference that I’ve been experiencing the last few nights is that I’m telling myself I will not binge at night…that I will eat a snack in moderation and then go to bed. I’m going to bed earlier, which is helping me not just so idly watching TV being bored and grabbing whatever is in sight. I tell myself you can have a small snack, good to bed right away, and then waking up I feel hungry which is a good sign for me!

      I’ve been working SO hard to get rid of the binging at night and allow myself to eat more during the day based on my hunger. The last two nights since I haven’t binged, I’ve woken up hungry and have been letting myself eat more during the day. It’s a great feeling! I want to just keep pushing forward!!

      My family has been just amazing. They have been so supportive and are so happy for me and proud of my progress! 😀

  4. athleticavocado

    June 18, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    all of your food looks so healthy and yumy!

    • Little Miss Fit

      June 18, 2014 at 11:58 pm

      It’s SUPER tasty. Anything that is quick and tasty is just a win in my book 😉

  5. Bridget

    June 18, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    I’m a very simple eater as well. I generally will prepare a whole meal for my boyfriend and then make something completely different for myself. I am super picky about what I’ll put in my body. I’m still trying to get a handle on my recovery… I am in love with your breakfast choice!! I either eat oatmeal or Greek yogurt with cereal for breakfast!! Soooo delish!!!

    • Little Miss Fit

      June 18, 2014 at 11:59 pm

      Well that’s kind of the fun thing about recovery, trying different things and figuring out what YOU really like, versus what your ED tells you you like or don’t like. Oatmeal is sooo good when it’s cold out, but in summer I can’t do hot oats. Yogurt bowls are perfect for summer! 😀

  6. princessbunnycakes

    June 20, 2014 at 5:03 am

    It sounds like you’re doing great, and I agree that sandwiches are phenomenal creations. Do you have a toaster/toaster oven at work? I always think warm, toasted bread makes everything taste 1000X better, but maybe that’s a personal preference..

    Can I make a suggestion? You know the whole overused “can’t eat just one Pringle” joke? There’s a lot of truth behind it. Some foods are just more prone to make you overeat, sometimes from being high on the glycemic index, sometimes from being in easy-to-snack portions, whatever. I think that if a small amount of pretzels is your goal, then it’s a bit like setting yourself up for failure, just like making having just one chip a goal isn’t the most effective thing. Have you considered changing up your night time options to make sure they’re not items that tend to trigger overeating?

    • Little Miss Fit

      June 23, 2014 at 2:45 am

      Thanks so much! We do have toaster at work. That actually would be a fun way to switch things up, that’s for sure. I’m always looking for new ideas!

      I think you are absolutely right…and it wasn’t my intent to have just pretzels or just a certain snack…but would try and work on having a variety, if possible. It’s a great suggestion, thanks!


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