Much needed weekend! (MIMM)

21 Jul

Phew you guys, life has been such a whirlwind lately…I’ve had some not-so-awesome days last week which I just want to gloss over right now and talk about how awesome and marvelous this weekend was.  It was JUST what I needed after such a blahhhhh week.  Some bigger news, Scott’s mom put her house on the market and less than a week later, an accepted offer came in, at asking price!!!!  How often does that happen?!  So this past week, Scott and I spent so little time together since he was doing some finishing touches on the house before the inspection, had to entertain some customers at work from out of town, and taking care of other things.  Also, our landlord is looking to sell the condo Scott and I are currently renting, so we have also been actively looking for a place for his mom/us (separately or jointly, i.e. duplex) since neither of us have a place in mind now.  So that’s probably the biggest thing going on for us right now!  But, lets get into the highlights of the weekend!  I always love linking up with Katie for some MIMM talk!


So Friday after work, I came home to get a run in, then made some dinner for myself.  I happily shared my dinner with Dexter since I had some chicken (which he loves!)


Then Scott met up with me after picking up his trailer for his mom’s house and we went over to my parents to move some furniture.  Not too exciting but it needed to be done!  It was a bit sad since we moved out my old bedroom set from when I still lived at home.  Weird seeing it go and seeing my lilac-colored walled room completely empty!  It was really hard on my mom, too.  Life just flies by so fast and I don’t think she was ready to see it go just yet, but also knew that they needed to move on with their lives, too, and start lessening the things they have and hold on to.  I’m thinking of holding on to some of my old furniture though, and painting it a darker wood color (since it’s all white now!).  I’ve been wanting/needing some extra furniture for my clothes, so once we get another place (with hopefully more room!) I can use some of my old things!  After moving the bedroom set, Scott and I finally got to have a relaxing evening with one another.  We started up watching all of Breaking Bad again since we loved it so much the first go around, so we watched that Friday evening.  Just the perfect end to a crummy week.

Saturday morning I got up pretty early, got a nice morning workout in, showered and relaxed a bit while Scott was sleeping.  I love my mornings to myself to just wake up, relax and get the day off to a good start.  As Scott woke up, I made myself a tasty waffle with fresh blueberry + natural blueberry jam heated up to make a syrup.  I offered to make a waffle for Scott who was super disappointed we didn’t have regular maple syrup, but accepted an offer for a blueberry topped waffle.  He must have loved it because he quickly accepted the offer for a second 😉


After breakfast and some lazing around, we decided to take Scott’s mom’s pup, Max, for a nice walk.  The weather was just perfect so we took advantage of it and went for a 4 mile walk.  I was a ravenous lady today and could not stop eating.  So thankfully after our walk, Scott was hungry too…so we went to Panera for lunch!  Mmmm it just hit the spot.  But before our lunch was ready, Scott hooked me up with the goods, read: lemons!  Yep, I love lemons!  There was a time I was too embarrassed to eat the lemons at restaurants and Scott totally made me feel much more comfortable with eating them out in public…and now, well, you can’t stop me… 😛


So. dang. good.  😀  From there, we had a little bit of down time until we were planning on meeting up with my brother and sister-in-law to go to the beach for a little while.  Scott took his motorcycle for a spin and I just did some blogging.  It was nice to relax a bit before heading out for the rest of the afternoon and night!

It was so relaxing just hanging out on the beach.  The weather was so great, too.  I loved spending some time with my brother and seester, too.  Scott realllllly enjoyed it and I think he probably could have stayed there the rest of the night and slept on the beach! 🙂


Scott was being goofy as always…


But finally got him to smile for ONE picture!


Time quickly left us and we had to be on our way and hit the road to get to a concert we were planning on seeing at one of the county fairs.  Scott used to LOVE Collective Soul when he was younger and I happened to see that they were coming to a county fair near us, so I suggested we go.    We stopped to get some grub along the way…we both decided to raid the salad bar at a grocery store up there.  Mmm!  When I used to work at a grocery store I loved going to the salad bar and making a huge salad.  Back then, though, I definitely did not have too healthy of a salad.  I loaded on the eggs, cheese, bacon and probably a lot more other odds and ends, covered in copious amounts of dressing.  It probably wasn’t the best thing to have but dang was it always tasty!


We grabbed our salads and made our way to the fairgrounds.  We ate in the car quickly and then made our way in since it was just nearing 8 when they were supposed to go on!  It is always our goal/objective to get kettle corn at any fair we go to.  It is by far my favorite fair food and always something I need to get.  So we walked around until we found some, snagged a bag and then headed to the grandstand for the concert!  I’m not familiar with many of their songs at all…the only one I can think of my name is Shine.  But they were really great and put on a really good show!


And the spoils of the evening:


Sunday morning was very similar to Saturday for me.  I woke up, worked out, showered and enjoyed my cold coffee 🙂  It’s one of my favorite parts of the weekend, having the mornings to take easy and at my own time with no rushing.  So perfect!  When Scott got himself up and out of bed, we just relaxed together for a while in the morning.  We listened to some music and chatted a bit and then because he knows my obsession with Chandelier by Sia right now (and now he, too, is a huge fan!) I play the music video non-stop, he offered to dance to the music video.  One day this past week he just started doing it out of nowhere and I laughed SO hard.  So I played the video from the beginning and he danced along.  Unfortunately, I tried capturing it on video but somehow my phone didn’t record 😦 😦  But I was laughing my arse off!  I did manage to get a picture of him at the beginning, though! 🙂


And if you haven’t seen the original yet, it’s seriously A MUST.  It’s amazing.

So after we played around a bit, we had to head on out to the store and then head over to my mother-in-law’s place.  My sister-in-law and her husband, two kids, AND dog were coming over for one last ‘hurrah’ at her house before she moves out of the place.  We don’t spend nearly enough time with them, even though they live so close by!  So I was looking forward to it and I know Scott was, too!  We grilled out and just spent the afternoon outside enjoying the gorgeous weather!


I just love this picture of Max


After a fun afternoon spending time with the family, it was time to finish up some errands and head to the grocery store.  We had an idea come to us yesterday about making different fruit and dipping it in different things…so at the store we grabbed a few things to use.  When we got home and unpacked, we decided to experiment!  We already knew we had some bananas that we were going to use but the part was what to coat them with!  So we grabbed a few different fruit spreads of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce.  It was really fun experimenting!  We did some bananas with raspberry and blueberry toppings this time.  We cut up the bananas into slices and heated up the blueberry and raspberry jam (separately) and dipped the banana slices into the ‘sauce’ we made!  Then we threw em in the freezer to let the sauces/coatings set.  Can’t wait to try them and to try more creations, too!  Plus, it was really fun having Scott experiment with me in the kitchen a bit.  🙂


Well the rest of my Sunday consisted of blogging, meal prep for the start of the work week, and just lounging around with the kitties and Scott.  Not a bad way to finish such a marvelous weekend.  I am so thankful to have had this weekend.  It was just what I needed!  ❤

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