Summertime is the best time (MIMM)

28 Jul

Hey hey hey ladies and gents!  I am going to keep the intro relatively short (for me!) and get to the meat and potatoes.  Life has been busy, but there have been some really great moments mixed in with the chaos.  As always, I love taking the opportunity to share the highlights, linking up with marvelous Katie, who makes this possible every week.  So, lets get to it!


Thursday night was an evening Scott and I got to spend together, so we decided to do something a little different and to get out and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather we had.  I threw a couple different options out to Scott about what to do for the evening and he decided on something that we could do that would allow us to bring Max along with us.  We went to Jazz in the Park, which they have every Thursday night at a park in Milwaukee.  It was CRAZY busy…and so many people brought food, had drinks, and grabbed some blankets and hunkered down in the park to listen to some music for the evening.  Max was the star of the show, though.  He is SUCH a people dog which I am so happy about.  He just loves everyone.  He really is warming up to me so much.  🙂


When we came home and were getting ready for bed for the night, the little boogers were already waiting for us.  Sometimes, they just melt my heart ❤


The work week literally flew by and before I knew it Friday came!  We had made plans to go to one of the county fairs for the evening since a band I love was playing (read: Big and Rich!!!!!)  The day started out rainy and cloudy and they were forecasting rain and storms all day and evening.  I was a bit worried that the concert may get rained out, but the day actually ended up being really nice and it was perfect weather come evening time for heading to the fair!  Scott and I met up with my brother and seester.  Of course, before we parked ourselves down for the show, we made our obligatory stop at my FAVORITE place at the fair…


It doesn’t take much to make this girl happy 🙂  They had a special on 2 bags and of course I would never pass up a deal on kettle corn.  Now that we had our goods, we found a place to plop down to wait for the show to start.  Eventually Travis and Jessa found us and we just hung out a bit…just enjoying the weather and company!


I absolutely love that picture of Travis and Jessa.  🙂  I was getting a teensie bit anxious waiting for the concert to start, plus the caffeine I had made me get a weeee bit energetic by the time they took the stage.  I had such a great time listening to them.  I loved them since they got their start and I will forever be a fan of Big and Rich.  I was SUPER excited to hear that they have a new album coming out in September.  I have all their previous ones and of course I will have to snatch up their new one.  They are so fun, so quirky, and so high-energy and I just loved every bit of it!



After the show ended, we just walked around the fair a bit and enjoyed the pretty lights of all the rides and food vendors.  There’s something about it that is almost magical in a silly kind of way 🙂


We headed out shortly after and relaxed the rest of the evening together.  Saturday morning, I had plans to meet up over at my parent’s house for coffee.  I got to sleep in a bit, woke up early enough to get a morning workout in, the laundry started and a little time to even look at some potential places for Scott and I/his mom before heading over.  Not too bad for before 9 am!  I was in pretty good spirits and was really looking forward to some quality time with my parents.  We had just a wonderful visit, enjoyed some coffee, and their kitty even let me pet him!  He usually walks away when I come over to pet him since he’s pretty shy, but today he let me pet him and fell asleep while I was rubbing his belly.  I am such a huge cat person. 🙂


After our visit, I came home and finished up some laundry and spent some time looking at ideas for my next tattoo.  (I am SO excited about it!)  I’m trying to plan out exactly what I would like to get.  I know the words I want and the area I am going to get it, but I’m trying to incorporate a design with the wording too and that’s the part I’m trying to get the ideas on.  It’s so much fun though.  I definitely LOVE tattoos.  (Little known fact about me :))  I only have one now, but am very excited about getting the next!

I eventually made my way over by my mother-in-law’s place where Scott was spending his day helping her with things around the house and packing.  Scott is such a hard worker.  He busts his butt…just like his mom’s pets…. 😛


We wrapped things up for the day over by his mom’s place, then decided to take Max for a walk.  I am quickly becoming a big fan of him and I think he’s really starting to take a liking to me, too.  The weather was perfect temperature-wise, but super humid.  Max didn’t mind a bit though.  Oh, and he’s also a real champ when it comes to picture time!


The rest of the evening was spent relaxing.  I worked on some blog stuff, looked at more options for tattoos and places to live, and then Scott and I relaxed for the evening together watching some Breaking Bad.  A great end to the day.

Sunday morning I let myself sleep in.  And by “sleep in” I mean til just shy of 8 am.  WHOA.  That really is sleeping in for this lady.  It did feel really nice, though.  I had a suuuuuper lazy start to the day.  I decided on the tattoo idea I want and found tattoo artists in the area who’s work I was super impressed with and contacted both of them regarding my idea.  (Can’t wait to hear back!)  The lazy start of the day rolled into mid-morning…I decided to start a paint-by-numbers picture!  I bought it SO long ago, but never took the time to start it.  So, I just went with it.  I ditched the whole ‘follow the numbers thing’ and kind of did my own thing.  It was actually really fun.  Hours went by (I was that into it)  I didn’t end up finishing because, well, I had other things I had to do and couldn’t justify letting them go to paint all day.  Although, that would have been really fun.  This is what I have so far…


(Thank you, cell phone, for editing the photo to make it look even better. ;))  I know it’s not much to really feel great about, but I had fun working on it.  I picked up a few smaller brushes to see if I can try and get the bottom done pretty close to plan.  So, we’ll see how it turns out.  Scott spent the majority of the day working on replacing the screen door of our balcony since the kitties have had their fair share of clawing at it and caused quite a few holes.  It rained on and off, quick bursts of rain, a good part of the day.  We finally had to tough it out and went out to run some errands together.

We were pretty busy all afternoon, but I was able to still manage to snag some cute pictures of the kitties.  Sometimes, they are too cute for their own good.


We had an early evening appointment to check out a condo that I found on Craigslist.  It was a bit farther out than we were looking for, but we weren’t having any luck in the areas we have been searching, so I tried to expand our search area a bit.  WOW, we absolutely loved the place.  It had absolutely everything we have been looking for in our next place.  We literally were so shocked and overwhelmingly happy about it.  However, there were a couple negatives.  1) The fact that it is farther out = longer commutes for us both to work and 2) we would need to find a place close by for Scott’s mom…which may be a smidge harder to do.  So, lots of thinking to do and discussing.

After that, Scott headed over to his moms since he was going to stay the night over there (and I’m sure discussing future living arrangements/scenarios, too) and I got a few other errands done for the evening..then headed home to spend the rest of the evening relaxing.  The sky was just too gorgeous this evening after all the rain and storms that popped up throughout the day.


Hope you all had a marvelous weekend and are off to a wonderful start to your Monday and week!  xoxo ❤

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