Keep those good times comin’ (MIMM)

11 Aug

Oy, I can’t even believe we’re almost half-way through the month of AUGUST.  Where did this summer go?  It seems like we just started to get nice, warm weather here and it won’t be around for much longer!  Boo. 😦  But, I have been trying to spend as much time as I can outside and enjoying the weather.  It’s tough when you work a full-time job that’s in an office and then have other errands to do after work in the evening, but I still try and take advantage of whatever opportunity I can.  So, I thought I’d share some of the highlights of the past week/weekend with you for this weeks Marvelous in my Monday.


The evenings during the week have become really busy and occupied with things relating to finding a place and moving…but Wednesday night Scott and I had made plans to do something fun and get our minds off of house-hunting and moving.  In browsing who was coming to the state fair this year, I saw Peter Frampton’s name as one of the headliners.  Now I have zero knowledge of any of the songs or the music he makes, but I remember that Scott had mentioned liking him.  So when I saw that he was coming, I mentioned it to Scott to see if he’d like to go.  He was SO surprised and happy to hear that he was coming and immediately said ‘YES’!  (This is a rare thing, guys.  Scott is more of a follower of a song versus a follower of an artist, and doesn’t have many artists that he really likes.  But Peter Frampton he does really like and when he jumped at the chance to see him in concert, I knew he meant business! 😉 )

So we purchased some upper track seats for the grandstand earlier on and made our way down to the state fair park Wednesday evening.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  I may have commented on just how perfect the weather was about ohh 10 or more times 😛  But it was the best night temperature-wise and it felt so great to be outside!!  Survivor was opening for Peter Frampton, so we got to hear some of their songs, too.  Again, I’m not at all familiar with them, but I think me and the rest of the world knows the one song that they did, ‘Eye of the Tiger’.  If you’ve ever seen any of the 10+ Rocky movies you know what song this is.  (Ok, I know there aren’t 10, but there are a lotttt)


We had some loud mouths next to us for Survivor, so during the little intermission before Petey (as I jokingly called him to Scott, pretending he was my ‘good pal’) came on, we welcomed the opportunity to get up a bit and walk around.  We were able to find my favorite little place out of the whole fair while enjoying a beautiful sunset.


Yep, as some of you know I am a huge HUGE fan of kettle corn, as in, this is often the only reason why I will make a trip to the fair.  Usually we get at least a couple bags, and tonight was no different!  Mmm.  Nothing like kettle corn made straight from the kettle!  After getting our goods, we made our way back to the grandstand and still had some time before the concert, so we sat a little far off to the side from where our normal seats were.  We were approached by some random guy who said “Is it just you two?”  We kind of looked at each other, and then looked back at him and answered that it was just the two of us.  He then asked if we wanted to upgrade our tickets to the front row.  We were like…what’s the catch here and how much do we have to pay?!  He said he was Petey’s manager and had two extra front row tickets for the show…free of charge! The only thing we had to do was have a crazy fun time, dance during the show, no texting or talking on our phones, and no pictures after the third song.  We agreed, grabbed our front row tickets and made our way down front!  We still couldn’t believe that this was legit, and happening to US, out of nowhere!  Things like this never happen to us!  But sure enough, we had FRONT AND CENTER SEATS!  There were two other couples up there who had the same thing happen to them and couldn’t believe it either.  Even though I’m not familiar with Petey and his music, this was going to be a fun experience! We got a few more instructions from his manager, and then the show started!


The show was actually a lot of fun and my oh my is Petey talented!  WOW!  I had no idea.  For being in his 60s, he sure can still put on a really awesome show.  Definitely a fun night!

I also got this awesome package in the mail this week…I ordered the new tank that just came out last week!  Definitely loving it.


I happily took the day off on Friday, so my week was short which was really nice.  My mom had used some vacation time this week from work, so I asked if they’d want to spend the afternoon together and they jumped at the chance to do so!  I spent the morning slowly waking up, which just felt so nice!  Then I met up with my parents and we went to Cedarburg, a super cutesy town nearby where we live, and got lunch at Cream & Crepe and then walked around the town and checked out some of the shops.


My parents are just the cutest.  I had such a good time with them.  I love my parents to pieces…we just don’t have enough quality time together, but that is something that we all would like to see changed, so I think we’ll have many more of the cute little dates together coming up 🙂  After we got back, I worked out a bit, made some dinner, and finished up a blog that I had started earlier in the day.  Then I decided to pick myself up, and move myself down to the lake since Scott was doing some things at his mom’s house in the evening.  The weather was so nice…and it was just perfect to do some reading.


Saturday morning I woke up relatively early, but had the chance to relax a bit and wake up slowly, which was nice.  Scott and I had two appointments in the morning to go check out a couple places.  Both the places we saw seem like viable options for us! Of course, though, there are a few drawbacks.  1) The first place we saw, which we really loved, was just a little more expensive than we were hoping to spend per month and 2) the second place was a little far away from where we both work and the kitchen was a little cramped (which is one of the things we currently have where we are at now, and said we NEVER wanted to have again!)  So we’ll see.  The first place is a 3 bedroom unit, and we have no need for that much space, and also it’s the reason it’s more costly, so we contacted them after the fact to see if there were any 2 bedroom units left for renting.  We’ll see what we find out, and in the meantime we’ll try discussing our options and see what we think might work best.

My afternoon plans fizzled out but I wanted to make use of the time I had to myself since Scott was again busy.  I went out to read again…which was really nice.  The weather couldn’t have been anymore perfect than it was.  Just beautiful!!  I loved just laying in the grass and reading.  (And I sported my new top, too!)


 The rest of the day was pretty chill and pretty uneventful.  But in the evening Scott and I had a pretty good talk about some things that have been weighing on my mind lately, which actually was really nice.  Sometimes my mind goes 1000 miles an hour and it’s nice to just get those thoughts out and get a more rational approach on things from someone else.

Sunday, I completely failed to take like any pictures of my day.  I had a really really great morning!  I got to see one of my best friends who I haven’t seen in FOREVER and it just felt so good to be reunited with her again (AND she is back to stay in Milwaukee for at least two years!!)  When you find someone who just accepts you for you, and just makes life better, it’s a treasure you can’t simply let go of…and I’m so glad our friendship has stuck through good and bad times.

Sunday afternoon was a bit rough for me, but fortunately I had Scott there to pick me up a bit and I was able to talk to a few other friends about what I was struggling with, which really helped.  After that, my mood definitely improved and I felt a new sense of hope and strength.  I ran errands and got food and meals ready for the start of the new week and the evening was just spent with Scott and my kitties, which is EXACTLY the night I needed.  Ready to tackle a new week and keeping optimistic that it will be a good one!  Much love ❤


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4 responses to “Keep those good times comin’ (MIMM)

  1. princessbunnycakes

    August 12, 2014 at 4:10 am

    I love summertime and would love for it to last foreeeeeeever. Your parents are indeed the cutest! They seem like such kindhearted and endearing people, based on body language alone. Also, you and I like to use the same pen. Blue ink fine point for life!

    • Little Miss Fit

      August 13, 2014 at 12:39 am

      Yes, summer is the best! Lucky for you, I think you get much better weather than we do in the winter though…my parents are two amazingly loving people. I am not just saying that as their daughter, but they are so wonderful. Love them to pieces!

  2. Kristen

    August 15, 2014 at 5:42 pm

    I finally got to visit your real blog, and can I just say, you are gorgeous! Scott’s a lucky man. 🙂 Also, I am very jealous of your cute cats. I’m not allowed pets in my building. I hope there will be bunnies in my future once I eventually move.

    • Little Miss Fit

      August 16, 2014 at 4:16 am

      Aw you are TOO sweet!!! I love my kitties so much, they are just the cutest little things in the world. They just brighten up my day so much, too! Hopefully you can get a bunny soon! Pets are so much fun!!


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