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weekend things and MIMM

Summer is quickly coming to a close now it seems.  August has come and gone, and now September is here, along with shorter days, and crisp mornings and evenings.  We still get the warmth and heat from the day yet which is really nice.  I will enjoy the warm days and cool nights as long as I can.  But there is something nice about welcoming fall now, too.  I just wish our fall lasted much, much longer.  But, I digress.  So let’s get on with the fun link-up with Katie for some Marvelous in my Monday talk.


Before I get too far into this post, I wanted to share a picture of part of the anniversary card that I made for my brother and sister-in-law.  I had recently made a card for a co-worker and had a fun time with it, so I decided to make a card for my brother and seester’s first anniversary!  (First anniversary ALREADY!  It went just so fast!)  Because she is originally from the Philippines and only came to America in July of last year, I kind of went with that as my “theme”.  She is used to the beach and warm, tropical areas, and we, living in Wisconsin, are accustomed to cold and lots of snow!  I have to say, I thought it was a really cute idea.  The inner left side was the picture, with the right side being my long, lengthy ramblings on to my brother and seester about just how much  I love them both 🙂  Maybe I won’t be a professional card maker, but I had a blast doing it and they loved it, which is all that matters.


Friday evening was a designated cleaning/organizing/tidying up night, since the owner of our place and his realtor scheduled an open house for Saturday morning.  Aside from all the chaos with boxes and everything, we still had to make the place look somewhat decent.  We got the place looking really great and I discovered a new love that I will never go without again.  Friday was the first night that I used a Swiffer and my life has forever changed.  Cleaning up all the cat hair in the bathrooms and kitchen had been so laborious before, and now…well now it is SOOOO much easier!  As in, almost enjoyable.  I will never go without one again and am considering investing in a wet jet, since I’ve heard good things about that one too!

Saturday morning was pretty relaxed.  I woke up pretty early which was nice.  Scott was going over to my parents today to work on a threshold for a door in the garage.  So I had the morning to myself for a while.  And of course I snagged a few pictures of my kitties.  What is a post from Little Miss Fit without some pictures of my cats?  Seriously…I call the left one, Dexter’s thriller dance.  He’s a big fan of Michael Jackson… 😉  And that belly…haha I love it.


After a relaxing early morning, I headed over to my parent’s house while the open house was going to take place.  I had a really nice chance to just spend time talking with my mom.  We rarely get a chance to really sit down face-to-face and talk for an extended period of time.  (We talk everyday, just by email mostly)  So that was really nice.  After the open house was done, I headed on over to the house to check on the cats before leaving to meet up with a friend.  We met at Starbucks, but neither one of us were feeling too good and ended up just having water and stealing a seat on their patio 😉  I recently started a new medication and my tummy has NOT been a huge fan of it…My stomach is normally really sensitive to begin with, and coffee is really rough on my stomach (I usually get the lower acidity coffee for that reason, Folgers Simply Smooth) so I knew that stronger coffee would just be a bad idea.  She, too, has had some recent health problems and needs to really work on hydrating, so water it was for us.  But we sat ourselves in the sunshine and had a chance to chat, which was longgg overdue.  It was a really nice time, as always.

I made my way home for a bit before I was expected to meet up with my brother and seester to go to the beach/a state park.  I started feeling really crappy though and just laid on the couch when I got home…I didn’t think I’d be able to meet up with them since my stomach hurt so bad.  I started to get frustrated with my new medication, and still am considering trying to switch/not take it.  But, I emailed my NP and asked her if this would be a long-lasting side effect, or just a result of me starting a new medication and my body not adjusting to it yet.  After laying down for a while, and after thinking about just how absolutely gorgeous the weather was with temperatures in the mid 70s and sunny, knowing that the warm days are not going to last much longer, I decided to still go with my brother and seester.  I was really glad I did, too.

We took a nice hike and then relaxed by the beach.  The pain subsided a bit, and I was able to actually enjoy myself, which was really nice.  I love spending time with my brother and seester so much.  My brother and I are both dealing with some similar struggles/issues right now, although a little different, and he has been a huge support to me lately, and I to him.  We have been talking with each other everyday and sharing a lot with one another and it really helps so much having him.  And I know that the support I’m giving him helps, too, even if it just means listening to him, or having him over in the evening.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have that distraction.


CAM04470 pic

It was really nice having that time with them and being able to be outside to enjoy the weather.  We made our way home, I ran to the store to get a few things, then relaxed the rest of the night. Scott’s mom’s cat is now staying with us, and he is so ravenous.  He will eat and eat and eat non-stop, until he ends up throwing up from eating too much, too quickly.  He doesn’t know his limits…so we really have to watch his food intake.  I thought that by putting the food on top of the fridge, it would be far enough away from him so that he wouldn’t get to it.  But I was clearly wrong.  I caught him climbing on top of the counter and then on top of the fridge…so now, the food is going inside the kitchen cabinets.  If he can find his way to open those, well then he must be the smartest cat ever.


Scott didn’t get home until after 9:30.  After he finished up at my parent’s working on the door in the garage, he went over to a friend of his mom’s (where his mom is now staying until she moves in to her new place) to help work to install the bathroom floor and re-install the toilet.  He was a busy guy, and when he came home we just relaxed together for the evening.  It was a pretty chill night, which was nice.

Sunday I woke up super late, because I stayed up super, super late on Saturday night.  So, waking up so late in the morning, I felt super groggy and out of it after getting up.  Church was at one, and I spent an hour and a half just relaxing and waking up. Meeko came and snuggled with me on the couch, which I always love.  She’s the cutest little thing.


I finally started to feel a bit better and more alive by the time we left the house, thankfully.  After church, we went grocery shopping together.  I got a workout in when I got home after we unpacked the groceries, and then did some cleaning out of our kitchen cabinets, and did some packing.  We did A LOT of cleaning out which was good and we are going to donate a lot of things that we have no need for to Goodwill, which I feel really good about.  We found this bad boy, which clearly came from Scott’s mom and just somehow made it’s way into our cabinets and has stayed there since Scott first moved in.  All I can say is, if we had known that this sucker was in our cabinets, we would have had bacon lololol


I did some meal prep for the coming start of the work-week, then my brother and seester came over for the evening to watch Sunday Night Football, Broncos versus Colts.  It was a great end to the weekend.  Ready to tackle another week.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a marvelous Monday!! ❤

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Weekend come and weekend go…(MIMM)

So, I don’t know where the past three days went, but they just literally FLEW by.  I can’t even believe it’s Monday afternoon already!  This weekend was so busy and over before way too quickly!  I know it’s late, but I can’t help but do a little “catch up” and share some highlights of the weekend and what life has been like lately.  Sharing some goods for Marvelous in my Monday!


Friday night was a chill night.  Scott and I got to relax together while we did our fantasy football draft.  My brother is the manager of the league and it’s been a couple years since I did fantasy football…so I was happy to give it another go.  This is my second time and I think it will be a fun thing to do together as a family, since Scott, my brother and his wife are all a part of it, with a few other friends, too.  After the draft was done, my brother and his wife came over to spend some time together.  It’s their one year anniversary already and they were leaving for the weekend, so it was nice spending a quiet evening in with them.  It was so simple, but such a great time!

Saturday, Scott had made plans to help a friend of his mom’s with some bathroom repairs, so I had a good part of the day pretty much to myself.  I got a good morning workout in, spent some quality time snuggling with the kitties.  They love the balcony!  Meeko used to be so scared being out there, but now she loves it 🙂


then took myself out of the house and down to the lake to get some coffee at my favorite coffee place, Colectivo, which is right by the lake.  I couldn’t have timed it any more perfect, it started to pour within just a couple minutes of me getting inside.  All the people that were sitting outside ran inside but I was able to get a small little table to myself before they got in.  It was so cozy and I had such a nice time just reading.


I then made my way to the mall to try and find some deal my mom had told me about at Bath & Body Works.  Sadly, they didn’t have the deal I was hoping for..but I went in a few other stores while I was there before making my way home.  Since it was Labor Day weekend and since Scott and I are in need of a washer and dryer for our new place, I had the idea to check out the stores to see if they had any deals or sales going on.  The weather was so crazy on Saturday, between raining and sunshine on and off, on our way to Sears, we saw this pretty FULL rainbow…I can’t remember the last time I saw a full rainbow!  So pretty!


We spent the rest of the afternoon at Sears and found a washer and dryer that we liked which was on sale, so bonus 🙂  After our little excursion, we headed back home for an evening in.  I had plans to run to the grocery store to get a couple things and saw how gorgeous the sky/sunset was, so I drove around for quite a while, just enjoying the beautiful views.  It was completely impulsive and I had a blast.


The rest of the evening consisted of Breaking Bad.  Not a bad way to end the day.  Sunday was a lazy morning, followed by a workout, and then lots and lots of packing!  I actually hate to say it, but I kind of like some of the packing/organizing/throwing away of things.  It feels good to get rid of things.  The apartment is a bit of a mess though…which makes me a little anxious (just because it’s so chaotic) but I know that we’re making progress, slowly but surely.


Sunday literally flew by.  Before we knew it, it was time to call it a day with the packing, and get ourselves ready to head out the door.  A friend of mine is in a band and they were playing at a campground pretty close to home, so we decided to go for the show and then stay overnight camping out.  Plus, we decided to bring Max with us.  It was a blast for him.  The show was great


…but sleeping the rest of the night was awful.  As in, I had a hard time falling asleep, I was hot then cold, kept waking up at any noise or passing car’s lights, and Scott woke up sick two times overnight.  So needless to say, after getting about 4.5 hours of sleep, it wasn’t the best night.  We got up early and made our way back home.  Scott was out of commission essentially the whole day, but I don’t know how I got done everything that I did with just 4.5 hours of sleep!  I got a workout in first thing, then start packing and organizing things in the apartment, got laundry done, went grocery shopping, got meal prep done and still had time to snag some pictures of the cats.  🙂


I finally got to relax for the evening and enjoyed my night with Scott.  Luckily, he started to feel better by the afternoon, so it was nice enjoying our last few moments of the long weekend together.

Happy short work week! 😀


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Scenes from the weekend (MIMM)

Life has been pretty busy the last few weeks, as we have been looking for a new place for both my husband and I as well as his mom.  There’s been a lot going on with that for us, but I’ve still been able to find some down time to do some fun things.  So I’ll do a little update on life lately and share some of the weekend highlights for this weeks Marvelous in my Monday.


 For starters I got a package in the mail from a dear friend I recently made with a lady living on the other side of the country.  It was such a meaningful package…the card was too sweet and the little stuffed animal was really symbolic and also very personal.


I will probably end up bringing this little guy to work with me and keeping it in my desk for “those moments” when it’s needed 🙂  The work weeks have been flying by as a lot of the evenings have been dedicated to finding new places to look at and moving-related things.  We finally found a place that we really like and are hoping to get!  We submitted our rental application and now wait to hear back if we’re chosen to fill the place.  We should hear within a week but I have a feeling we’re going to be a little anxious until we hear for sure one way or the other.  So we’ll see..

Friday night I got the chance to hang out with my brother and my sister-in-law and it was sooo overdue.  I haven’t had much of a chance to really spend a lot of time with them lately so it was really nice to do so again.  Plus the weather was PERFECT!  We went to the Milwaukee County Zoo for their Zoo a la Carte.  It was their 30th year of doing it.  They have different music and food and drink vendors that take over the zoo in the evenings.  It was a really fun time and a great way to spend a gorgeous night at the end of the week!


It was totally a fun evening and just what I needed.  Scott was already asleep by the time I got home since he had an early morning on Saturday.  I got to sleep in a little bit, which for me was 7:30 hah!  But I’ll take whatever I can.  I got a great run/workout in in the morning, and also got some good quality time with my little Meeko.  She is such a crazy, hyper, wild kitty and even when she is snuggly, she can’t sit still.  But I love her to pieces.


I got a chance to read a while, too, which was really nice.  My morning quickly disappeared and I decided to meet up with Scott to help him pack and move some of his mom’s things into storage.  It was a hot, tiring afternoon.  Unfortunately his mom has not found a place to live permanently yet, so her things are all going into storage since she needs to be out of her house by the end of the month.  She will be staying with a friend for a while, but that means that when she does find a place, we will need to move all of her things AGAIN.  She has SOOOO much stuff! 😦  And soon Scott and I will need to pack up all of our things and move, too.  Oy.  It’s going to be an exhausting and super stressful next few months.

After spending a few hours moving, I called it a day and went to a local outdoor mall where they were having a chalk art festival.  I was really excited to check it out!  I had wanted to go last year, but found out about after the fact, so it was nice to be able to go this year!  It was so cool!  Some people did really really amazing work.  The sad thing is that it doesn’t last though :/  It’s such a shame.  Here were some of my favorites:

5 6

7 8 9

These people are so SO talented!  It was such a good end to the day. I also stopped at Bath and Body Works, which I always love doing, and picked up some awesome candles!  (If you don’t know, I LOVE candles!)


I spent the rest of the evening relaxing when I got back home and watched the new 21 Jump Street.  It was actually a better movie than I was expecting and enjoyed rounding out the day with the movie.

Sunday was nearly a pictureless day, yet again!  I had a slower start to the day, got in a GREAT run, ran some errands, went to church, and spent time over at Scott’s mom’s house.  The day went sooo quick and the weekend was over so fast.  I know this next week will be just another crazy whirlwind, too.  Busy, busy, busy.  Hopefully by the end of the week, Scott and I will know if we will have a new place or have to start/keep searching :/  To end the post on something happy and cute… as always, these little guys do it. Dexter is such a great big brother 🙂



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Trying to keep those spirits up (MIMM)

As much as I love posting each week and checking in with Katie for her Marvelous in My Monday link-up, I haven’t felt too inspired to blog lately and didn’t really feel like doing it this week.  But, I know I’d miss doing it, so I’m going to give a little bit of an update on what’s going on lately.  It will probably be short and sweet, unless I get myself chit-chatting about everything and getting a little too detailed.  But, we’ll see how it plays out 😉


These kitties have been often the only thing that has been able to make me smile lately.  Even on the most frustrating of days, they just make me smile and laugh.  Pets truly are a blessing.  I am forever thankful for these little things ❤


Life has been revolving around our future living arrangements.  It’s been extremely exhausting.  Craigslist has been my best friend these days, I check for new postings multiple times a day.  Not only do we need to try and find a place for Scott and I (with so many specifics as far as what will work for us) but we need to try and find a place for his mom, too, who’s health is getting worse.  It’s exhausting.  We had a place we checked out Thursday, which was something I was feeling optimistic about, only to find that it wouldn’t work.  Another let down.

Saturday we had two places to see.  The first one would have been a pretty decent (not perfect, by any means) place and would have come pretty close to what we were looking for, however it was so far out and really far from where Scott and I both work.  In summer, not such a big deal, but come winter and snowy roads, not at all good.  So, another place that won’t work.  We stopped at Panera to get some grub before hitting our next place.  We sat outside in the sun, and it was one of the most relaxing moments of my week as silly as it sounds.  The temperature was absolutely perfect and the sun felt so great.  I could have stayed there the rest of the day, as the sun melted away all my anxieties and frustrations.  Sadly, that momentary relaxation could only last so long.  But I think Scott really enjoyed those minutes we had, too.  It just seemed to be the perfect moment to unwind a bit together and put a hold on our frustrations.


Then it was on to our next appointment.  This is one place that I was feeling extremely optimistic about, seemed like it would be a really good fit.  A place with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2.5 car garage (one of the hardest things to find, but one of the necessities since Scott has so many vehicles…) and a cute little private courtyard (where we were hopeful that we may be able to have Max (his mom’s dog) stay occasionally if she needed a break from the pup for a while if she was feeling particularly bad on any given day).  It was part of a condo community though, and a lot of apartments and condos have breed restrictions…and most have German Shepherds on the list since they’re big dogs and are often assumed to be aggressive.  But, we kept our hopes up.  The lady that showed it to us said that they were on the breed restriction list but since it wasn’t our dog and we wouldn’t be having it often, it may be ok.  She did encourage us to contact the manager of the property though to get confirmation. So I sent an email right after, trying to get all the phrasing down as best as possible to present the idea in the most appealing light.

This is a scene we’re getting used to these days…


After our appointment, we had to head straight to a local playhouse where Scott’s niece was going to be performing in a play.  When we got there, I got the email response from the manager of the last place we checked out.  It was a pretty disappointing response, but one I was pretty much expecting…”You would not be able to have the German Shepherd here at all.  I’m sorry but that is a breed we don’t allow even to babysit.”  I can’t even begin to tell you how dang frustrated I was.  NOTHING has been working out for us.  I have been searching religiously and contacting any options that seemed to be a potential fit, and we have had none work out so far.  I had to suck it up pretty quickly, though, since we were going to be around family and the show was starting soon.  It probably was a really good thing because it was the perfect (albeit momentary) distraction.


I legitimately was super impressed!  I often go to the kids’ events and they are what you’d expect kids events to be….not that great, but fun and cute because they’re family. 🙂  But I was actually super impressed with their performance.  The kids were part of a “camp” that met Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm each day.  They had 5 days to get the show ready before the weekend performances (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and it was an hour and a half show!  It was so dang good.  I really enjoyed it a lot.  They even did some singing and dancing.  It was so much better than I expected.  It was a really good distraction.

Afterward, I came back home and worked out for a bit, then continued my search for more places.  Scott took the pup for a run and then afterward we went grocery shopping and relaxed for the rest of the evening, watching none other than our favorite, Breaking Bad.

Sunday morning was a super, super lazy start for me!  But I think it was just what I needed.  A completely relaxing morning, no stress or frustration or anxieties.  When Scott woke up, we spent a while just talking and then went outside on the balcony to talk some more.  It was just a really nice morning.  The kitties joined us too 🙂  (Dexter LOVES to lick Scott’s hair!!)


After lounging around, I squeezed in a run before meeting up with a good friend of mine for coffee.  After our coffee date, I headed to church, ran a few errands and then had my parents over for a movie for the evening, since Scott was spending his evening over by his mom’s place.  It was such a wonderful end to a really great day.  My parents are the best and I always love my time with them.  And to end on a cute note…



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Summertime is the best time (MIMM)

Hey hey hey ladies and gents!  I am going to keep the intro relatively short (for me!) and get to the meat and potatoes.  Life has been busy, but there have been some really great moments mixed in with the chaos.  As always, I love taking the opportunity to share the highlights, linking up with marvelous Katie, who makes this possible every week.  So, lets get to it!


Thursday night was an evening Scott and I got to spend together, so we decided to do something a little different and to get out and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather we had.  I threw a couple different options out to Scott about what to do for the evening and he decided on something that we could do that would allow us to bring Max along with us.  We went to Jazz in the Park, which they have every Thursday night at a park in Milwaukee.  It was CRAZY busy…and so many people brought food, had drinks, and grabbed some blankets and hunkered down in the park to listen to some music for the evening.  Max was the star of the show, though.  He is SUCH a people dog which I am so happy about.  He just loves everyone.  He really is warming up to me so much.  🙂


When we came home and were getting ready for bed for the night, the little boogers were already waiting for us.  Sometimes, they just melt my heart ❤


The work week literally flew by and before I knew it Friday came!  We had made plans to go to one of the county fairs for the evening since a band I love was playing (read: Big and Rich!!!!!)  The day started out rainy and cloudy and they were forecasting rain and storms all day and evening.  I was a bit worried that the concert may get rained out, but the day actually ended up being really nice and it was perfect weather come evening time for heading to the fair!  Scott and I met up with my brother and seester.  Of course, before we parked ourselves down for the show, we made our obligatory stop at my FAVORITE place at the fair…


It doesn’t take much to make this girl happy 🙂  They had a special on 2 bags and of course I would never pass up a deal on kettle corn.  Now that we had our goods, we found a place to plop down to wait for the show to start.  Eventually Travis and Jessa found us and we just hung out a bit…just enjoying the weather and company!


I absolutely love that picture of Travis and Jessa.  🙂  I was getting a teensie bit anxious waiting for the concert to start, plus the caffeine I had made me get a weeee bit energetic by the time they took the stage.  I had such a great time listening to them.  I loved them since they got their start and I will forever be a fan of Big and Rich.  I was SUPER excited to hear that they have a new album coming out in September.  I have all their previous ones and of course I will have to snatch up their new one.  They are so fun, so quirky, and so high-energy and I just loved every bit of it!



After the show ended, we just walked around the fair a bit and enjoyed the pretty lights of all the rides and food vendors.  There’s something about it that is almost magical in a silly kind of way 🙂


We headed out shortly after and relaxed the rest of the evening together.  Saturday morning, I had plans to meet up over at my parent’s house for coffee.  I got to sleep in a bit, woke up early enough to get a morning workout in, the laundry started and a little time to even look at some potential places for Scott and I/his mom before heading over.  Not too bad for before 9 am!  I was in pretty good spirits and was really looking forward to some quality time with my parents.  We had just a wonderful visit, enjoyed some coffee, and their kitty even let me pet him!  He usually walks away when I come over to pet him since he’s pretty shy, but today he let me pet him and fell asleep while I was rubbing his belly.  I am such a huge cat person. 🙂


After our visit, I came home and finished up some laundry and spent some time looking at ideas for my next tattoo.  (I am SO excited about it!)  I’m trying to plan out exactly what I would like to get.  I know the words I want and the area I am going to get it, but I’m trying to incorporate a design with the wording too and that’s the part I’m trying to get the ideas on.  It’s so much fun though.  I definitely LOVE tattoos.  (Little known fact about me :))  I only have one now, but am very excited about getting the next!

I eventually made my way over by my mother-in-law’s place where Scott was spending his day helping her with things around the house and packing.  Scott is such a hard worker.  He busts his butt…just like his mom’s pets…. 😛


We wrapped things up for the day over by his mom’s place, then decided to take Max for a walk.  I am quickly becoming a big fan of him and I think he’s really starting to take a liking to me, too.  The weather was perfect temperature-wise, but super humid.  Max didn’t mind a bit though.  Oh, and he’s also a real champ when it comes to picture time!


The rest of the evening was spent relaxing.  I worked on some blog stuff, looked at more options for tattoos and places to live, and then Scott and I relaxed for the evening together watching some Breaking Bad.  A great end to the day.

Sunday morning I let myself sleep in.  And by “sleep in” I mean til just shy of 8 am.  WHOA.  That really is sleeping in for this lady.  It did feel really nice, though.  I had a suuuuuper lazy start to the day.  I decided on the tattoo idea I want and found tattoo artists in the area who’s work I was super impressed with and contacted both of them regarding my idea.  (Can’t wait to hear back!)  The lazy start of the day rolled into mid-morning…I decided to start a paint-by-numbers picture!  I bought it SO long ago, but never took the time to start it.  So, I just went with it.  I ditched the whole ‘follow the numbers thing’ and kind of did my own thing.  It was actually really fun.  Hours went by (I was that into it)  I didn’t end up finishing because, well, I had other things I had to do and couldn’t justify letting them go to paint all day.  Although, that would have been really fun.  This is what I have so far…


(Thank you, cell phone, for editing the photo to make it look even better. ;))  I know it’s not much to really feel great about, but I had fun working on it.  I picked up a few smaller brushes to see if I can try and get the bottom done pretty close to plan.  So, we’ll see how it turns out.  Scott spent the majority of the day working on replacing the screen door of our balcony since the kitties have had their fair share of clawing at it and caused quite a few holes.  It rained on and off, quick bursts of rain, a good part of the day.  We finally had to tough it out and went out to run some errands together.

We were pretty busy all afternoon, but I was able to still manage to snag some cute pictures of the kitties.  Sometimes, they are too cute for their own good.


We had an early evening appointment to check out a condo that I found on Craigslist.  It was a bit farther out than we were looking for, but we weren’t having any luck in the areas we have been searching, so I tried to expand our search area a bit.  WOW, we absolutely loved the place.  It had absolutely everything we have been looking for in our next place.  We literally were so shocked and overwhelmingly happy about it.  However, there were a couple negatives.  1) The fact that it is farther out = longer commutes for us both to work and 2) we would need to find a place close by for Scott’s mom…which may be a smidge harder to do.  So, lots of thinking to do and discussing.

After that, Scott headed over to his moms since he was going to stay the night over there (and I’m sure discussing future living arrangements/scenarios, too) and I got a few other errands done for the evening..then headed home to spend the rest of the evening relaxing.  The sky was just too gorgeous this evening after all the rain and storms that popped up throughout the day.


Hope you all had a marvelous weekend and are off to a wonderful start to your Monday and week!  xoxo ❤

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Much needed weekend! (MIMM)

Phew you guys, life has been such a whirlwind lately…I’ve had some not-so-awesome days last week which I just want to gloss over right now and talk about how awesome and marvelous this weekend was.  It was JUST what I needed after such a blahhhhh week.  Some bigger news, Scott’s mom put her house on the market and less than a week later, an accepted offer came in, at asking price!!!!  How often does that happen?!  So this past week, Scott and I spent so little time together since he was doing some finishing touches on the house before the inspection, had to entertain some customers at work from out of town, and taking care of other things.  Also, our landlord is looking to sell the condo Scott and I are currently renting, so we have also been actively looking for a place for his mom/us (separately or jointly, i.e. duplex) since neither of us have a place in mind now.  So that’s probably the biggest thing going on for us right now!  But, lets get into the highlights of the weekend!  I always love linking up with Katie for some MIMM talk!


So Friday after work, I came home to get a run in, then made some dinner for myself.  I happily shared my dinner with Dexter since I had some chicken (which he loves!)


Then Scott met up with me after picking up his trailer for his mom’s house and we went over to my parents to move some furniture.  Not too exciting but it needed to be done!  It was a bit sad since we moved out my old bedroom set from when I still lived at home.  Weird seeing it go and seeing my lilac-colored walled room completely empty!  It was really hard on my mom, too.  Life just flies by so fast and I don’t think she was ready to see it go just yet, but also knew that they needed to move on with their lives, too, and start lessening the things they have and hold on to.  I’m thinking of holding on to some of my old furniture though, and painting it a darker wood color (since it’s all white now!).  I’ve been wanting/needing some extra furniture for my clothes, so once we get another place (with hopefully more room!) I can use some of my old things!  After moving the bedroom set, Scott and I finally got to have a relaxing evening with one another.  We started up watching all of Breaking Bad again since we loved it so much the first go around, so we watched that Friday evening.  Just the perfect end to a crummy week.

Saturday morning I got up pretty early, got a nice morning workout in, showered and relaxed a bit while Scott was sleeping.  I love my mornings to myself to just wake up, relax and get the day off to a good start.  As Scott woke up, I made myself a tasty waffle with fresh blueberry + natural blueberry jam heated up to make a syrup.  I offered to make a waffle for Scott who was super disappointed we didn’t have regular maple syrup, but accepted an offer for a blueberry topped waffle.  He must have loved it because he quickly accepted the offer for a second 😉


After breakfast and some lazing around, we decided to take Scott’s mom’s pup, Max, for a nice walk.  The weather was just perfect so we took advantage of it and went for a 4 mile walk.  I was a ravenous lady today and could not stop eating.  So thankfully after our walk, Scott was hungry too…so we went to Panera for lunch!  Mmmm it just hit the spot.  But before our lunch was ready, Scott hooked me up with the goods, read: lemons!  Yep, I love lemons!  There was a time I was too embarrassed to eat the lemons at restaurants and Scott totally made me feel much more comfortable with eating them out in public…and now, well, you can’t stop me… 😛


So. dang. good.  😀  From there, we had a little bit of down time until we were planning on meeting up with my brother and sister-in-law to go to the beach for a little while.  Scott took his motorcycle for a spin and I just did some blogging.  It was nice to relax a bit before heading out for the rest of the afternoon and night!

It was so relaxing just hanging out on the beach.  The weather was so great, too.  I loved spending some time with my brother and seester, too.  Scott realllllly enjoyed it and I think he probably could have stayed there the rest of the night and slept on the beach! 🙂


Scott was being goofy as always…


But finally got him to smile for ONE picture!


Time quickly left us and we had to be on our way and hit the road to get to a concert we were planning on seeing at one of the county fairs.  Scott used to LOVE Collective Soul when he was younger and I happened to see that they were coming to a county fair near us, so I suggested we go.    We stopped to get some grub along the way…we both decided to raid the salad bar at a grocery store up there.  Mmm!  When I used to work at a grocery store I loved going to the salad bar and making a huge salad.  Back then, though, I definitely did not have too healthy of a salad.  I loaded on the eggs, cheese, bacon and probably a lot more other odds and ends, covered in copious amounts of dressing.  It probably wasn’t the best thing to have but dang was it always tasty!


We grabbed our salads and made our way to the fairgrounds.  We ate in the car quickly and then made our way in since it was just nearing 8 when they were supposed to go on!  It is always our goal/objective to get kettle corn at any fair we go to.  It is by far my favorite fair food and always something I need to get.  So we walked around until we found some, snagged a bag and then headed to the grandstand for the concert!  I’m not familiar with many of their songs at all…the only one I can think of my name is Shine.  But they were really great and put on a really good show!


And the spoils of the evening:


Sunday morning was very similar to Saturday for me.  I woke up, worked out, showered and enjoyed my cold coffee 🙂  It’s one of my favorite parts of the weekend, having the mornings to take easy and at my own time with no rushing.  So perfect!  When Scott got himself up and out of bed, we just relaxed together for a while in the morning.  We listened to some music and chatted a bit and then because he knows my obsession with Chandelier by Sia right now (and now he, too, is a huge fan!) I play the music video non-stop, he offered to dance to the music video.  One day this past week he just started doing it out of nowhere and I laughed SO hard.  So I played the video from the beginning and he danced along.  Unfortunately, I tried capturing it on video but somehow my phone didn’t record 😦 😦  But I was laughing my arse off!  I did manage to get a picture of him at the beginning, though! 🙂


And if you haven’t seen the original yet, it’s seriously A MUST.  It’s amazing.

So after we played around a bit, we had to head on out to the store and then head over to my mother-in-law’s place.  My sister-in-law and her husband, two kids, AND dog were coming over for one last ‘hurrah’ at her house before she moves out of the place.  We don’t spend nearly enough time with them, even though they live so close by!  So I was looking forward to it and I know Scott was, too!  We grilled out and just spent the afternoon outside enjoying the gorgeous weather!


I just love this picture of Max


After a fun afternoon spending time with the family, it was time to finish up some errands and head to the grocery store.  We had an idea come to us yesterday about making different fruit and dipping it in different things…so at the store we grabbed a few things to use.  When we got home and unpacked, we decided to experiment!  We already knew we had some bananas that we were going to use but the part was what to coat them with!  So we grabbed a few different fruit spreads of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce.  It was really fun experimenting!  We did some bananas with raspberry and blueberry toppings this time.  We cut up the bananas into slices and heated up the blueberry and raspberry jam (separately) and dipped the banana slices into the ‘sauce’ we made!  Then we threw em in the freezer to let the sauces/coatings set.  Can’t wait to try them and to try more creations, too!  Plus, it was really fun having Scott experiment with me in the kitchen a bit.  🙂


Well the rest of my Sunday consisted of blogging, meal prep for the start of the work week, and just lounging around with the kitties and Scott.  Not a bad way to finish such a marvelous weekend.  I am so thankful to have had this weekend.  It was just what I needed!  ❤

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I’m Baaaaack (MIMM)

Hey hey hey guys! After a much needed and enjoyed little hiatus, I am happy to say that I am back and ready to share some of my marvelous adventures with you guys!  As some of you may or may not know, the hubster and I took a fabulous road trip out to Colorado!  We’ve been back for about a week now and just took some time to catch up and get situated back into the normal.  But now, I thought I’d share a few highlights, just a taste of some of the things we did and explored, while out in Colorado.  There are SO many things I want to share and talk about but I’ll try to trim it down as much as I can and share some of the bigger bullet points for this weeks link up with Katie !  So, let’s get the fun times rollin’….


We hit the road Friday, June 27.  We had initially planned to leave after work that day, but we both managed to take a half day and left at noon.  Score!  That meant we could pound out a lot more miles on Friday, lessening our load for Saturday!  The drive was roughly around 15 hours.  Oy!  We started a start-of-the-each-day selfie, each day at the beginning of the day we’d take a picture together.  I’m surprised, we actually were able to keep up with it throughout the trip! 🙂


Day One, obviously all smiles!


The weather was beautiful for driving and we made it about 7 or so hours, leaving just about 7 or so the next day!  Gorgeous sunset to end day one…

Day two was all kinds of beautiful yet again.  And we were all smiles again!


And yes, if you are wondering, I threw on the same outer loose tank as the day before 😉


Of course, we’d have to take a picture of the Sutherland rest area, because of course it’s named after us!


We purposefully planned our route to take us into Wyoming, so I could say that I’d been to Wyoming.  We went to Cheyenne, saw the state capitol, and Scott found his inner Native American model.  Rawr.


Our first hike, right outside of Fort Collins.  That Colorado sun is no joke.  It’s hot.  Freakin’ hot.  The temperatures were comfortable degree-wise, but dang that sun!  I conquered a HUGE fear of mine on this hike, stripping down to just my sports bra aka showing off the mid-section (which I NEVER do).  At first I was really uncomfortable with the passerby, but eventually I said F that S and carried on my way.  It felt pretty flippin’ awesome.  Huge moment for me with my ED recovery/body image.


Not even to the Rocky Mountains yet and I’m already in love with this state.  Seriously.


We were in the park for oh maybe 10 or 15 minutes, on our way to finding a place to set camp for the night and this is what we see.  Elk just wandering around, crossing the roads.  This was the type of welcome I could never have dreamed of!

We set up camp for the night which meant parking our big arse truck and sleeping in the bed on an air mattress.  My first experience camping, ever!  We woke up bright and early ready for our first full day in the National Park!


Fresh, happy faces after a decent night’s sleep.  No make-up and messy hairs.  Lookin’ mighty fine.


Our campsite.  Bed in the truck, heating up some water for our daily morning instant coffee.  Not a bad way to start the day.  Quickly learned that nights are chill-ay but when that sun comes out, it heats up fast! 🙂

We literally could not wait to get our first full day in the Rocky Mountain National Park underway.  We were so excited to just set out and explore!!


We saw this guy first thing in the morning just chillin’ in the grass on the side of the road.  Not a bad way to start off the day!!


These mountains and views are like nothing I have ever seen before.  I literally fell in love.


We started climbing up along Trail Ridge Road, which goes from the east side, up into the mountains, and back down on the west side.  We saw a whole bunch of elk just hanging out on the mountain side.  Pretty awesome!


It got pretty chilly the higher we climbed.  But the higher we got, the more spectacular the views become!


From the highest point we hit, it was 53 degrees (AND SUPER WINDY!)  I swear there were gusts of 50 miles per hour.  When we hit the bottom it went up to 73!


It was so hard not to be constantly smiling here.  I was the happiest girl in the world.  These mountains, the sunshine, the warmth…it was just all so incredible!


Waterfalls and rushing streams (and the Colorado River) were all over the trails we took.  Made for such a peaceful, calm experience.


On the first long hike in the Rockies.  This was a long, long hike.  The sun was HOT and I started burning even with sunscreen on!


The Loch!  It was SO worth the hike (and the intense climb in elevation!)  This was just too beautiful.  I took a billion pictures!


We were all smiles here…but then we had to make our way back.  It was an out and back hike, not a round-trip.  So we had quite a long way to go.  We ended up running out of water on the hike, with the majority of the hike being in the sun.  At one point, we filled up a water bottle in some water near a water fall/mountain stream.  When we got back to the parking lot, I was standing still, feeling just fine and then BAM! I started feeling really lighted and nauseous.  It was a combination of dehydration and elevation change and my body was just NOT quite ready for that that quickly.  But that was a lesson learned and we took more breaks and MUCH more water on all future hikes!


Our evening on the west side of the park was full of male elk!  We got SO close to them, too!  What an awesome experience to be that close to these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.


Gorgeous sunset in the mountains, making our way back to the east side to set up camp.

We made use of the quiet Monday morning (after seeing just how crazy the town of Estes Park was on Sunday!) and went into town to avoid the crowds!


Hitting downtown Estes Park first thing in the morning.  Another beautiful start to the day.  This sunshine, if I could only bottle it up…


They made taffy right in the window! Pretty awesome 🙂  It was a really cute town and we were able to snag a lot of mementos for ourselves and some gifts for the family!


It’s just what we do.  Chick-fil-A’s cookies ‘n cream milkshake.  SO dang good!


We hit up Garden of the Gods right outside of Colorado Springs.  It was a hot day, around 90, but fortunately it was mostly cloudy!  My sunburned shoulders needed a break!  Plus because of the sunburn I think I was getting worn out super quickly.  We took a nice, easy day…no long hikes or huge elevation climbs!


We made our way to Mueller State Park where we had planned to camp that night.  We took a short, evening hike before calling it quits for the day.  Scott spotted a baby deer (I don’t know how on earth he spotted it!)  The skies were pretty cloudy, but made for some gorgeous pictures!

115 116 117

This was by far the most beautiful sunset we saw of our entire trip I think.  The colors were just gorgeous and the layers of the mountains was just too beautiful!

Waking up, ready to tackle the next day.  I think we both slept pretty well and were ready to keep moving forward.  Mornings were always on the chilly side, but once that sun came out, things heated up quickly!


We must have had a good night’s sleep or something.  We were feeling pretty quirky right away in the morning. 🙂


Scott found a route that would take us on a “scenic” drive through the mountains and to our next destination for the day.  This “scenic” ride was just that….because it was on the most backroad roads you could ever find!  I’m talking gravel roads here, people!  Fortunately, I was poppin’ dramamine as if it were candy and calmed my normally weak stomach enough.  But oy, what a drive!

When we made it to one of our first little pit-stops, Scott got excited by our potato chip bag that seemed to balloon up quite a bit with the change in elevation! 🙂


We decided (rather, I decided I had to stomach it!) to do the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway, which climbs 14 miles on winding, super narrow, tight-turned roads to the summit at 14,000+ feet!  Some views along the way!


We stopped at the Walter Pesman Alpine Garden as we climbed, which has 1700 year old bristlecones!  Me posing with some bighorn sheep!  The beautiful Summit Lake!


These guys were so close to butting heads (literally!) but they ended up going their separate ways instead.  Boo!  That would have been AWESOME!


As we continued to climb, it seemed like the roads got MUCH more narrow and the turns MUCH more tight!  Eeek!  Our fearless driver.  He did awesome!


We made it to the top!!!  Altitude sickness is a REAL thing here people.  We took it realllllly slow.  And we saw MOUNTAIN GOATS!  All over!


I think this one is my favorite picture of the entire trip.  There is just something so magical about it.  Mountain goat + Mt. Evans’ gorgeous views.  It’s almost like he’s claiming this land as his.  I absolutely love it.


Some up close pictures of the little goats.  They were so young and sooo cute!  The one on the left was resting on another little guy.  The one on the right kept nodding off and falling asleep. 😛


Head-butts of love.  I just love this picture SO much.  They are so cute (and so soft-looking!)


Of course we had to take a picture to “prove” that we made it to 14,000+ feet!  The views were unparalleled!  Stunning.

166 167

The evening did not go AT ALL how we hoped it would, but we at least got a beautiful sunset, which made it a little better, at least!

New dawn, new day.  (Thankfully!)  We were crabby the previous night and both in pretty bad spirits.  But we swore to each other that we’d wipe the slate clean and start new!


We promised ourselves we’d forget the crummy night before and start the day off fresh and on a good note.  Waking up in a hotel was NOT our plan, but it did feel nice taking a hot shower and sleeping in a comfortable bed!  (Don’t worry, I’m wearing a bandeau ;))


Our first hike of the day.  More waterfalls and gorgeous scenery!  Plus, someone said they saw a moose and her calf earlier on this trail!  We were super optimistic and hopeful (since we really really really wanted to see a moose!)


After much waiting and binocular-using, we saw the mom.  And a little while later, the little one came out, too!  Such a great moment!


We hiked and explored the park the remainder of the day.  We stumbled upon ANOTHER moose with her young one on one of our hikes.  It was pretty neat.  Then we headed back to our campsite.  This male elk was in the campground the entire day!


Gorgeous trails near our campground.  We set out in the evening to find more moose!  We were able to spot one roaming on its own.

Those mountains are brutal at night…as in…FREEEEEEZING.


The COLDEST night!  It was so cold it was hard to sleep.  We were not happy campers (hah, pun was NOT intended! :D)  Plus, it’s our last day, too.  Boo.  But the minute the sun came up over the mountain, it almost warmed up instantly.  Pair that with coffee and we were NOW happy campers! 😀


The day started out really gorgeous and sunny.  We saw a “herd” of elk and watched them for a good amount of time.  At least 40 or more.

Then a storm started to roll in late in the afternoon.


We sat outside for a while to watch the storm roll in, but when it started to rain, we piled back into the truck.  Thankfully we weren’t out for our hike when the hail hit us!


We found a place to hunker down outside for a while…with hats, just in case the hail started up again.  But something caught our eye and we jumped at the opportunity to get out and check it out closer up!



We saw a herd of about 80+ elk just laying out in the middle of a field.  It was the perfect way to end the last day in the park.  It was just so neat!


Sadly, we left the park shortly afterward and hit the road.  We were going to stay a little bit north in Loveland and then leave first thing in the morning.  This was number ONE on my list of “must-finds” (actually, the only thing I really knew I wanted to get).  When my dad was younger, he traveled out to Colorado with his parents and grandmother several times and they always got cherry cider out there..and LOVED IT!  So I made it my goal to try and find some cherry cider for him.  There are only TWO locations in the state that sell cherry cider now and both were in the general area we stayed in…so I was able to snag a big jug for him.  He was SO excited and when he tried some, he said it was just like he remembered! 🙂


Heading to our hotel for the night.  😦  Sooo not ready to say goodbye already.  At least the skies were gorgeous, though.

Heading home.  We hadn’t planned to knock it out in one day (in fact, we planned to split up the 15 hour drive over two days) but got so close to home and were still pretty wide awake, so we made the whole 15 hour drive home that day.  Got home around midnight.


Super hot and sunny right away in the morning, making our way home.  It’s literally a miracle we were smiling here.  I don’t know how I managed it because I woke up crabby, was silent for a GOOD chunk of the first part of our drive just listening to my music with headphones on…and, (I will admit it!) I started to CRY!  I have NEVER cried before on any trip.  I never enjoyed a trip so much as I did this one and it was literally the hardest thing leaving the beauty and the wildlife, the peace and the serenity all behind. 

I literally cannot wait to go back.  I miss it like crazy.  Looking at the pictures just makes me miss it even more.  Colorado stole my heart.  I miss it so much I’m even thinking of trying to sneak another trip in in September! 😀  I would be so so so overjoyed if I could manage to head out that way again! 🙂  The BEST trip ever.


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